Best tanks in AFK Arena

Use these tanks and bulldoze through the game.

Image via Lilith Games

Tanks are the backbone of any team composition in AFK Arena. They are generally responsible for absorbing damage from opponents while keeping DPS and support characters safe. That said, here are the best tanks in AFK Arena that players should look to pick.


Thoran is essentially a one-man army and one of the most popular tanks right now. The idea while playing Thoran is to simply go head first in a fight and use his ultimate. While charging his ultimate, Thoran cannot die. Furthermore, once the ultimate ends, he will reflect all the damage he took while charging his ultimate onto nearby enemies. This ability alone makes him one of the best tanks to use.


When riding his Iron-Jaw, Skreg is one of the best characters in the game. He gets an additional attack rating, is immune to crowd control, and can knock back enemies on his basic attacks. However, he is significantly weaker and is basically a meat shield when unmounted. Players looking to pick up Skreg need to learn the nuances of playing the character before adding him to the main roster.


Brutus’ passive makes him immune to any kind of damage for up to 8 seconds. This is great for Brutus, as one can simply engage with the character and go invincible for a brief period. His ability called Roar causes enemies to take 25% more physical damage. Furthermore, enemies cannot dodge the incoming damage while affected by Roar.

Brutus is great for early game campaigns. However, his lack of damage and versatility reduces his worth in the later stages.