Best things to buy in GTA Online

Don’t spend all your shark cards in one place, but make sure you’re spending them.

Image via Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been around for the better part of a decade, and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. It seems like Rockstar finds a new reason to give out free money every week, and that’s more incentive for you to spend every penny you earn in the game. With that said, GTA Online can be overwhelming with its options. There’s real estate, vehicles, aircraft, and an arsenal of weapons for you to potentially pick up. Let’s take a look at what you should be spending your money on while thinking about your next mission.

Real estate

Before weapons, vehicles, or anything else, you should get a home in GTA Online. You need this for several reasons, but the most important feature of a home is a safe spawning location. With your own property, you’ll be able to log in every day and not worry about getting capped by a random player who just saw you appear.

You have several options for what kind of home you can buy, and you’re not limited to just residential areas. You can look into office space, which increases your numbers for vehicle storage, or you can splurge and pick up your own personal penthouse inside the Diamond casino.

Owning property also allows you to invite your friends into your home, giving you a hangout spot where you can plan your next mission, or simply get blackout drunk and send your character into oblivion.

If you’re sitting on a little less than a million, we recommend 3655 Wild Oats Drive. It’ll set you back by $800,000, but the view is incredible, and along with a hub for your heist loadouts, it comes with a 10-car garage to increase your vehicle count. The suburbs make things much more affordable, and you can scoop up 4401 Procopio Drive in Blaine County for a measly $165,000. It’s nothing fancy, but you’ll still have space for up to six cars.

When looking at offices, there’s no reason to blow too much money on your first investment. Go with the Maze Bank West Office & Garage, which costs a cool $1 million. You can then decide how to upgrade the property, adding sleeping quarters, a gun safe, and multiple levels of garages.

The penthouse at the Diamond will also cost $1 million, but you can have much more fun in this luxurious hangout than anywhere else. You can add a theater, a private gambling table, and even a personal groomer if you don’t feel like driving outside of the casino for a new hairstyle.


Seven years in, and GTA Online has a clinically insane amount of cars you can purchase. There’s something for everyone, but your best bet is to purchase several kinds of vehicles, all suited for different events. Here’s a list to get started:

  • A motorcycle to get yourself from place to place. They accelerate very quickly, and if you need to make any quick errands or want to hop into some solo work, they’re the best bet. The Hakuchou is an affordable option, hitting up to 134 MPH, and yours to own for only $82,000.
  • A four-door car to transport you and some friends to the next location. Use this kind of vehicle when you aren’t in the middle of combat and can afford to take your time, listening to the radio and enjoying the scenery. The Benefactor Schafter V12 checks off all these options, available at a starting cost of $325,000.
  • An armored vehicle, like the Armored Boxville. You and up to four others can hop on this ride, complete with a gunner on the roof. This is an excellent choice if you’re heading directly into hostile territory and need the extra protection. The Armored Boxville will take a pretty big investment, as it costs just under $3 million.


Your armory says as much about you as the clothes you decide to wear. Are you a run-and-gunner who enjoys rapid fire, or do you need the blast to the face that comes with the punch of a shotgun? Perhaps you like playing the long game and taking out your enemies with a sniper rifle. Don’t waste money on guns and ammo that you aren’t going to use; once you pick up the weapon you want, you can instantly refill the ammo on your in-game phone. GTA Online gives you many incentives to keep playing and earning RP, as more weapons unlock as you progress your character.