Best TR-76 Geist Loadout in MW2 & Warzone: Attachments, Perks & Playstyle

The TR-76 Geist could be a monster in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. New builds are emerging, but this is our best one so far.

The TR-76 Assault Rifle is Season 6's shining new addition to that weapon class.

Image via Activision.

The TR-76 Geist hit the scene in Call of Duty’s Season 6 update alongside the ISO 9mm and the Dual Kamas melee weapon, and while we’re not sure if they’re going to make a splash just yet, this new AR stands a better chance of pushing out the Kastov-762 than the other Battle Pass guns did.

TR-76 Geist has a decent fire rate and impressive damage, so it looks completely viable in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2. It’s too early to make a call, but this magnificent machine is worth checking out for yourself.

If you need a decent loadout idea to get you started, here’s what we recommend until the best attachments and tunings get fully nailed down. We’ll begin with Warzone and then jump over to MW2 so you get a well-rounded picture of the TR-76 Geist’s capabilities.

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Warzone 2: TR-76 Geist Loadout – Attachments & Perks

We're loving the TR-76 Geist in Warzone 2. It's strong, reliable, and refreshing.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

Assault Rifles are an irreplaceable tool in Warzone 2. So much of the game was spent without one-shot-kill Sniper Rifles that ARs simply took over and planted themselves at the top of the totem pole. The TR-76 Geist is a worthy inclusion to the long list of these weapons, and while it’s an uphill battle to claim the number one spot, the devs gave us a gift with this one.

Damage Range and Accuracy are always the top priorities when building out a meta AR, and this Bullpup-style rifle has plenty of that to go around. Here’s what we recommend.

(Subject to change in the days following release)

TR-76 LoadoutAttachments
MuzzleTY-LR8 (+0.78, +0.15)
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56 (+0.70,+0.25)
Magazine45 Round Mag
OpticAIM OP-V4 (+0.90, -1.65)
BarrelBruen Bridle Heavy (+0.35, +0.20)

This isn’t going to erase recoil for you completely, but this gun can absolutely shred if you control your aim and land those headshots. Picking the TY-LR8 Muzzle adds a level of stability that feels better than its counterparts, and the FTAC Ripper 56 helps keep your shot crispy, even at longer ranges than you’d expect.

Going with the Bruen Bridle Heavy might seem like too much of a good thing, but your ADS speed isn’t all that important here and we can get most of what we lose from it back from the AIM OP V4 tunings. You may need to tweak it to your liking but after four hours of trying different builds, this was the version that finally clicked.

We tagged on the 45 Round Mag to increase the lethality. Inconvenient reloads really hurt this gun without that extra punch-up.

The TR-76 Geist gets a major lift from good perks in Warzone 2.0
Screenshot by Gamepur.

For Perks, keeping it simple is the best play here. Overkill will let you stow an SMG like the Lachmann Sub in your pocket, Tracker will help you hunt or avoid enemies when you need to move, and Fast Hands will keep you nice and dextrous if you have to reload quickly or swap weapons.

High Alert counters any snipers that might be stalking your high ground from a distance. Add on a Semtex to finish off downed enemies and a Smoke Grenade as a ninja-style distraction when fights get too chaotic.

TR-76 Geist Playstyle

While Al Mazrah might be locked under the terror of the Kastov-762, the TR-76 Geist is a good choice on any of the Warzone maps. It’s powerful at medium-to-long range, but you don’t feel totally bogged down by carrying it either. Running around with it feels like a happy medium between the ISO Hemlock and the Cronen Squall.

Positioning is a huge factor here. If you get too close, you’ll get dusted by any SMG players, and Snipers will thump you down range, so staying at awkward distances and holding down cover is the optimal way to take over in Battle Royale and Resurgence.

Image via Activision

In Ashika Island, for example, this is the perfect gun to take over those seaside head glitches on the outer edges of Residential. You’ll have the upper hand on all of the risky, impatient players who are trying to rush between houses to get to their teammates, and you’ll prevent your own crew from getting flanked.

Vondel has so many rooftops for you to pick from, so it shouldn’t be an issue at all to find an advantageous position. You’re not going to be whipping this gun up super quickly though, so remember that patience almost always wins the day.

If you’re in an area where holding down cover isn’t possible, play the high ground and make enemies fear the threat of you. It’s like Whack-A-Mole: The Videogame. Pick them off as they scramble to reach you, and then reposition when you’re safe.

Even if it’s working, don’t hang around any singular spot for the whole game. If the gas doesn’t force you away, teams will eventually stalk you down like a horde of Treyarch’s finest zombies.

Modern Warfare 2: TR-76 Geist Attachments & Perks

The TR-76 Geist absolutely shreds in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer, making it an outstanding choice for all players.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

Modern Warfare 2 is a much more forgiving arena than Warzone, so we’re not beholden to many of the same loadout rules that have become necessities over there. This TR-76 Geist build opts to go much quicker than its Battle Royale counterpart, but it retains the same spirit, as we still want to enhance the gun’s natural strengths when possible.

Making the jump from the earlier version to this one will be a bit of a shock, but the same principles apply. High damage, controllable recoil, but with some added focus on keeping your aim snappy.

TR-56 LoadoutAttachments
UnderbarrelFSS Sharkfin 90
Magazine45 Round Mag
OpticAIM OP-V4
StockScout-LD Stock Pad

We’ve opted not to add Tunings here because this gun feels incredible as it is, and being too sloppy with the adjustments could unintentionally weaken you. The TY-LR8 and FSS Sharkfin 90 keep it shooting buttery smooth, so you’ll have no problem hitting your targets no matter the range. It’s fine to make small tweaks for your style, but try not to get too fancy with it.

Our MP build differs from the Warzone version in that you can be a little quicker to the draw. That’s the benefit of using the Scout-LD Stock Pad instead of a hefty, metal barrel. The AIM OP V4 can also be tuned for some extra speed if need be. Still, don’t get too antsy. That 45 Round Mag stuck around for a reason. Hold good angles, keep the enemies guessing, and live to fight another day.

The TR-76 Geist is a different breed of weapon in Modern Warfare 2.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

Perks are a totally different conversation in Multiplayer. Take advantage of that free slot you get from abandoning Overkill and protect yourself from throwables by adding Bomb Squad. We recommend dropping Tracker for Battle Hardened too. Making enemies run at you is the objective, and taking away the benefits of their equipment is the easiest way to do that.

Fast Hands is fine here as it’ll help you reload much faster, but if you’re not worried about that, slap on Cold-Blooded to stay safe from streaks. It synergizes well with your other perks and could be the difference in avoiding those mean ol’ Killstreaks. Finally, Quick Fix is our favorite Ultimate Perk, but if you’re worried about UAVs ratting you out then Ghost is the way to go.

MW2: TR-76 Geist Playstyle & Tips

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ve got so much more freedom in how you play the game in Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer. The TR-76 Geist might not be an ideal close-range weapon, but the quicker time-to-kill means the player with the best reflexes will still come out on top most times. If you took Quick Fix, feel free to get in the center of the fighting and drive the tempo of the lobby up.

If you’re more of a relaxed, patient player – find a nice piece of cover in a high-traffic area and kick your feet up. Some good spots to think about are the lobby desk in Breenbergh Hotel, Hotel Windows on Embassy, or Top Dome on Zarqwa Hydroelectric. These are the kinds of places where you’ll thrive, so take them over early and hold them down until they’re forced to either run away or overwhelm you with bodies.

That’s all you need to dominate the competition. If you’re looking for other elite weapons, check out our Cronen Squall and ISO 45 builds if you haven’t given in to their allure yet.