Best Video Game-Themed LEGO Sets: Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and More

Animal Crossing Lego sets are coming, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for video game Legos you can build at home

Nook's Cranny Lego Set

Image via Lego

Fans of Animal Crossing and LEGO got a pleasant surprise when the companies announced a collaboration that will let us bring our favorites from the game to real life. While the Animal Crossing LEGO set may not be released until March 2024, they’re also not the first Lego collaboration to bring video game builds into our homes.

In fact, LEGO has a storied history of fun sets based in the world of gaming, and we’re here to take a look at some of the best ones around.

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Animal Crossing LEGO Sets (Coming Soon)

Animal Crossing Lego
Image via Lego

Let’s start with what we know about this upcoming and highly anticipated video game LEGO set. After a few teaser announcement videos, Lego has finally given us a sneak peek of the collection, with the sets marked as “coming soon.” We’ll get to build Isabelle’s House, Nook’s Cranny, and more when these Animal Crossing LEGO are finally available in March 2024.

Minecraft LEGO Sets

Minecraft Lego
Image via Lego

There are a number of LEGO sets in the Minecraft collection, which let you bring characters and items from the game to your own home. Given the game’s use of blocks to build, this is a natural combination that translates beautifully to the world of LEGO. With sets like The Pig House, the “Abandoned” Mine, and the massive Crafting Set, there are a ton of creative options to build with Minecraft in real life.

Super Mario LEGO Sets

Peach's Castle Lego Set
Image via Lego

LEGO also has a good number of Super Mario-themed sets to build Mushroom Kingdom in your own home. If you’re really ambitious, they even sell a fully posable 2800+ piece Mighty Bowser set. Or, you can stick to something a bit less complicated but still full of Mario goodness, like Peach’s Castle.

Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO Sets

Sonic the Hedgehog lego set
Image via Lego

Sonic fans will want to race to the LEGO store when they realize there are a number of Sonic the Hedgehog sets on offer. You can build blocky figurines of Sonic himself or create immersive challenge sets from the game, like the Green Hill Zone Loop challenge set.

Spider-Man LEGO Sets

Spider-Man Lego
Image via Lego

Technically, these sets aren’t specific to the Spider-Man video games, but they do bring our favorite webslinger and his many enemies and allies to LEGO form. While we’re waiting for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to come out, why not build a replica of The Daily Bugle or recreate a final battle scene with the Sinister Six?

Donkey Kong LEGO Sets

Diddy Kong Minecart Ride Lego
Image via Lego

These sets are technically a part of LEGO’s Super Mario collection, but those of us who played Donkey Kong’s standalone games know that he’s a video game legend in his own right. Lego has released a number of Donkey Kong-themed sets, including Donkey Kong’s Treehouse and Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart ride. Just watch out that a rolling barrel doesn’t smash your completed build.

Sometimes, it’s nice to put down the game controller and do something a little more analog, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your love of games behind. These LEGO sets are the perfect fix when you need a break from screen time, but not a break from your favorite characters.