Best VR Shooting Games for Oculus Quest

Immerse yourself in the action with these explosive games for Oculus Quest

Image via Facebook Technologies LLC

If you’re looking for the absolute best first-person shooting experience on Oculus Quest VR, we’ve got you covered with these incredible titles.

Superhot VR

Superhot bills itself as “The definitive VR action experience,” which is putting it lightly. The Superhot team has gone above and beyond expectations to bring this title to VR, creating a thrilling experience of action and strategy that handles just right on Oculus, even for players who struggle with motion sickness in VR games. We can’t recommend this enough: it’s the best version of Superhot, and arguably the best game on Oculus overall.


Pitched as combining “mil-sim gameplay with the experience of playing in virtual reality,” Onward is the perfect immersive VR title for fans of games like ARMA 3. For the best time, play with a group of friends and test your communication.


This is the most unique experience on Oculus, and in gaming overall. Blaston combines first-person shooting with a 1v1 format to create a tense duel, a little bit reminiscent of ARMS — but with the addition of VR features that require you to bob and weave to avoid your opponents while aiming your own rounds. In our minds, games like this are a glimpse into the future, where the line between esports and conventional sports starts to blur. Blaston is a treat, and an absolute bargain at $10.

Arizona Sunshine

If you have a zombie-killing itch that you need to scratch, look no further than Arizona Sunshine. Whether you want a hardcore survival experience or want to unwind with a couple of friends as you explore sprawling maps, Arizona Sunshine is the perfect game for you.