How to farm MGP in FFXIV

Roll in the MGP with our farming guide for Final Fantasy XIV.

Given how easy it is to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, you would think that earning MGP – another special currency in the game that you can spend in the Gold Saucer – would be pretty simple as well. However, if you don’t know the best ways to earn MGP, it can be pretty difficult to earn enough. But once you do know where to go and what to do, earning MGP isn’t all that difficult, though it is a little time-consuming.

This guide will show you the most optimal ways to earn MGP in the least amount of time. Outside of these methods, there are still a good amount of ways to bring the currency in.

Weekly Challenges

By far, the easiest and one of the best ways to optimize earning MGP is to complete your Weekly Challenge logs. Your logs are split up into four categories: Beast Tribes, Retainers, Eureka, and the Gold Saucer.

The Gold Saucer challenges are the ones you will want to tackle to earn MGP, and some will give you more than others. You can check out all of these challenges, and their MGP reward, below:

  • Complete 3 Mini-Games (1,000 MGP)
  • Earn 100 MGP from Mini-Games (1,500 MGP)
  • Participate in 5 GATEs (5,000 MGP)
  • Successfully Complete 3 GATEs (8,000 MGP)
  • Enter 3 Chocobo Races (5,000 MGP)
  • Enter 20 Chocobo Races (8,000 MGP)
  • Play Triple Triad 10 Times (5,000 MGP)
  • Win 10 Triple Triad Matches (8,000 MGP)
  • Play 5 Triple Triad Matches in the Battlehall (2,500 MGP)
  • Win 3 Triple Triad Matches in the Battlehall (3,000 MGP)
  • Play Lord of Verminion 1 Times (5,000 MGP)
  • Play Lord of Verminion 3 Times (10,000 MGP)
  • Play Lord of Verminion 5 Times (12,000 MGP)
  • Participate in 2 Doman Mahjong Player Matches (5,000 MGP)

Some are easier to complete, so you’ll want to find the ones that are best suited for how you play.

Weekly Fashion Report

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This activity takes place in the Gold Saucer, and it’s not as intimidating as it might sound to complete. The goal is to find glamours that fit into different categories, such as “Do Rats Fly,” which refers to the Sky Rat glamour set. Most of the reports have you dyeing articles of clothing or purchasing vendor glamours. Doing so will get you 80 points, which gets you the highest reward.

The MGP reward for the Fashion Report is 60,000, and that can be boosted with the Gold Saucer VIP Card or an FC Gold Saucer MPG Boost.

Jumbo Cactpot

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This is the process with the least amount of work you can do to earn MGP. The Jumbo Cactpot is a weekly lottery held in the Gold Saucer, and you can buy 3 tickets for 100 MGP, with the price going up by 50 for every ticket.

Tickets are drawn every Saturday, and the lowest amount you can win is 1,000 MGP. But this scales up depending on the number of tickets bought for it by all players. Even when there is a lower amount of tickets purchased that week, it is a great way to get an easy income of MGP.

Mini Cactpot

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This daily event costs 10 MGP to participate in and it’s a simple game to play:

You will be given a 3 x 3 square with one number revealed. You can choose to reveal 3 other numbers to help you decide which line you will scratch off. The sum of the numbers in the row you choose will determine how much your reward will be.

Rewards aren’t guaranteed, but the risk is low and can even get you up to 10,000 MGP. You can participate in the game three times in a day.

GATEs (Weekly & Daily)

GATEs are the equivalent of Mario Party min-games within Final Fantasy XIV. They take place every 20 minutes in the Gold Saucer and usually only take a few minutes to complete.

Here are the GATEs you can take part in and the MGP you can earn from them:

  • Cliffhanger (3000 MGP)
  • Air Force One (4000 MGP)
  • Leap of Faith (4000 MGP)
  • Any Way the Wind Blows (7500 MGP)
  • The Slice is Right (5000 MGP)

These aren’t necessarily things you want to go out of your way to do, but if you want something to do while you wait for a Raid or something to queue, GATEs are a great option to earn some MGP.

Triple Triad Matches (Weekly & Daily)

This card game you can play withing FFXIV is easy to play and can get you some good MGP in the process, especially when you complete the Weekly Challenges for it.

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Completing just the solo Triple Triad Matches will get you a minimum of 13,000 MGP, but the tournaments can get you up to 18,500 MGP. You can just play Jonas of the Tree Spades in the Gold Saucer to knock out these challenges.

Chocobo Races (Weekly & Daily)

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Chocobo races can be fun, even if the lag can get bad on some servers. But if you have a good Chocobo and come in first quite a bit, you will bring in a good amount of MGP by competing in these races.

We recommend you at least give this one a shot, and if you don’t enjoy it or aren’t skilled enough to place high enough to get the best rewards, just move on to one of these other methods.

Gold Saucer VIP Card

This consumable will give the player a 2-hour boost to the amount of MGP you can earn from different tournaments, Chocobo Races, Mini Games, GATEs, and Cactpots. However, it does not include Challenge Logs. It’s the perfect consumable to complement these other methods and activities you do.

All of these will get you MGP and are relatively easy to complete. Some are more time-consuming than others, but none of them are going take up all your time.