Best weapon blueprints in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Getting a gun’s best attachments without even firing it once.

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It seems with each passing year that goes by with a new Call of Duty; there’s more talk about weapon blueprints than the weapons themselves. This certainly stays true in Call of Duty: Vanguard, as there’s already a handful of powerful pre-made guns with exotic camos and top of the line attachments. Although any blueprint is better than the base weapon itself, only a select few are arguably better than anything made in the Gunsmith.

Bonerattler (STG44 blueprint)

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Those who’ve already reached Tier 24 of the Season Six Black Ops Cold War now have complete control of the Vanguard-exclusive Bonerattler Epic blueprint. As this is the best blueprint for the phenomenal STG44, one couldn’t go wrong calling this the must-have blueprint in all of the game so far.

As the assault rifle packs a large enough punch already, Bonerattler boosts its aim down sights time by over 25 percent with its shiny copper VDD 320mm barrel and Mark VI Skeletal underbarrel. It also bears a 1.35x scope, lending just enough magnification so that the gun isn’t slowed down one bit. Whether you’re looking to start your Vanguard journey with a high K/D ratio or just desiring to mindlessly blast enemies in Domination, you will not regret giving the Bonerattler a spin.

Heirloom (M1 Grand blueprint)

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Another blueprint to adopt a mostly copper camo is the M1 Grand’s Heirloom. Thankfully, this can currently be unlocked for free on Tier 72 of the Battle Pass. Not to be confused with its legendary Warzone counterpart, this marksman rifle blueprint is an Epic-rarity. However, it can cause a bunch of chaos from long-range.

Thanks to its Acquisition Proficiency attachment, the blueprint is gifted additional accuracy each time a longshot kill is made. Everything else attached benefits its overall recoil reduction, but its F8 Stabilizer also grants a 12 percent increase to the damage range.

Shredder (MP40 blueprint)

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As a launch day giveaway, the Shredder is a Legendary blueprint that indeed lives up to its rarity. Made for the MP40, this blueprint is one we’d recommend to beginners and veterans alike. That being said, the Shredder’s main strength is its ability to disable any wild recoil one may have experienced from the base MP40. This can be attributed to the gun’s VDD 34m Padded stock, ultimately resulting in about 15 percent less overall recoil and 20 percent more flinch resistance.

The only thing that might turn players away from using the Shredder is clearly its camo. Although, the wooden grip is a decent touchup, you can certainly find a skin just like in the Pack Tactic category.

Snowstorm (3-Line Rifle blueprint)

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The best sniper rifle blueprint out there is non other than the 3-Line Rifle’s Snowstorm. Unfortunately, it is currently only in possession of fans who’ve purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game but does have a good chance of showing up on the storefront soon — as most pre-order bonuses have done in the past.

The snowstorm is primarily a blueprint for medium to long-range use only, mainly focusing in on eliminating horizontal and vertical recoil. This benefit can be attributed to its Kovalevskaya Weighted stock; it’s likely the best attachment in the game and one of the last you’ll unlock without the blueprint. The Snowstorm also delivers a 5x optic, and a reload time of just over two seconds.

Warning Track (STG44 blueprint)

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If we’re speaking on best looking blueprint so far, the award would have to go to the STG44’s Warning Track. It features a black matte finish with a dazzling silver MX Silencer. However, we aren’t too wild about the setup it has in mind. The blueprint revolves entirely around accuracy and ammo — neither of which is a problem for the STG44 in the first place.

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No matter, it does include the Lengthened ammo type, an attachment providing even more damage than the overpowered weapon already has. Despite the Warning Track being a tad slower than we would have liked, it does make for a respectable weapon in more tactical game modes like Search and Destroy. The Warning Track can be obtained after finishing Tier 64 of the current Season Six Battle Pass.