Best weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint

I wish I could recommend the Pistol, I really do.

Naraka Bladepoint

Image by 24 Entertainment

Unlike most other battle royale games which focus on gunplay and positioning, Naraka: Bladepoint is essentially a fighting game that takes place in a shrinking arena. In Naraka the emphasis is on executing perfect combos with one of the game’s melee weapons. Ranged weapons are mostly used in supplementary ways, such as initiating combat or finishing off fleeing opponents. While all weapons can be used effectively within this combat framework, some are much more flexible and thus can be considered your best options in Naraka: Bladepoint.

Best melee weapons

The Spear is perhaps the most devastating melee weapon in Naraka: Bladepoint, thanks to the incredible damage it can potentially deal through its charged attack. This weapon has great reach, it’s hard to interrupt, and if the spinning attack is initiated against an opponent you had just managed to knock down, it’s almost a guaranteed kill. Pair the Spear with a good long-range weapon like the Musket, and you are all set.

The Longsword is the second-best weapon in Naraka: Bladepoint. No particular aspect of this weapon stands out: it simply has good damage output and a good moveset. The Longsword is flexible and safe, and it has no flaws or drawbacks.

Best ranged weapons

The Musket is the most flexible and dependable firearm in Naraka: Bladepoint. While it doesn’t hit as hard as the Cannon or the Pistol, it also doesn’t have the mechanical limitations of those weapons. Combat in Naraka: Bladepoint often involves a lot of changing distance between players, and the Musket’s excellent range makes it outperform the more specialized ranged weapons.

Despite being more limited in its uses, the Repeating Crossbow is also an excellent choice. This is because of its sustained rate of fire, which allows you to shut down moving opponents with a hail of bolts. The Repeating Crossbow is great for finishing off damaged opponents, checking trees, or just getting some pressure on a player who is trying to reach a favorable position.

Honorable mentions

Players with good aim should consider using the Longbow over the Musket. This long-range alternative rewards accuracy. While it is less flexible than the Musket, the Longbow has the potential to be powerful in Naraka: Bladepoint if used well.

The Katana and the Greatsword are powerful melee weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint which we cannot list higher simply because of their mechanical limitations. The Katana doesn’t knock players down with its charged attack, and the Greatsword has a predictable two-hit combo that lets opponents parry you or get away. That said, both weapons can be devastating if you invest the time to learn how to harness their strengths and play around with their quirks.