Bird spotter achievement/trophy guide in Life is Strange: True Colors

No birdcalls needed here.

Screenshot by Gamepur

More than ever before in the series, Life is Strange: True Colors wants to encourage you to explore environments as you make your way through its story. Not only can you find information to give you new dialogue options, but you can find opportunities for an achievement or trophy. Here is how to get the Bird Spotter achievement/trophy in Life is Strange: True Colors.

The Bird Spotter achievement/trophy can be obtained in chapter two, Lanterns. If you have already completed the chapter, choose the scene Tracking Down Mac in the Chapter Select. You will not lose progress if you have already completed this before.

When you get into the game, walk outside the bar, and you will see a small park in front of you. There are various people in this area, but the one you are looking for is a woman looking through binoculars into a bush. Use your powers to read her emotions, and you will find out she is looking for a bird. Alex will say she will keep her ear out for it.

Go to the back alley near the park between the nearby building and the stream to find the bird. Walk until you reach the pallets blocking the path, and Alex will say she hears the bird. Turn to the right and look into the tree to find the bird. Look at it and then return to the birdwatcher to tell her about its location and get the achievement.

Screenshot by Gamepur