Bitlife God Mode – Cost, Abilities & Is It Worth It

If you’re playing BitLife and don’t feel like you’ve got quite enough control, God Mode might be the add-on you’re looking for

BitLife God Mode

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BitLife is a mobile game that lets you control the life of a randomly generated virtual person. The free app gives you basic storytelling potential, but offers paid upgrades like God Mode to increase your customization abilities.

While you control the story in BitLife, some players of the mobile game might want a bit more ability to interact with and alter the other characters in your BitLife story. That’s where paid upgrades come in, giving you more possibilities within the app. There are several different paid tiers, including the aptly named God Mode which lets you control many aspects of your main character and those around them.

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What is God Mode in Bitlife?

Bitlife God Mode Marketplace
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God Mode is a paid addition to the free base game, which can be purchased for a one-time fee of $7.99 USD. It can also be purchased as a bundle with the Bitizenship membership that removes adds from the game for a total combined one-time cost of $12.99.

God Mode in BitLife grants you more customization in the app, including the ability to customize the new lives you start by choosing your character’s looks and attributes. Since you choose from randomly generated lives in the base game, this is a nice perk for those who want a bit more control over their character. It also gives you the ability to play as royalty and to change the appearance and traits of other figures in the world around you.

How Do You Unlock God Mode in Bitlife?

BitLife Marketplace
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To unlock God Mode, you’ll need to make the one-time purchase to unlock this feature. Do this by clicking on the little icon at the top left corner of the screen next to the BitLife logo. This will bring you to the main menu.

In the main menu, navigate to the BitLife Marketplace. There, you will see all the paid features you can add to your game ,including God Mode and the Bitizenship + God Mode bundle. Click on the feature you want to purchase and you’ll be asked to confirm the app store purchase. If you haven’t paid for content in your phone’s app store before, you’ll need to set up payment information.

Once you buy the God Life tier, you’ll unlock the new capabilities it offers.

How To Edit People With God Mode

Edit Him God Mode BitLife
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Once you add God Mode, you’ll be able to edit the people in your game. To edit anyone other than the main life you’re controlling, simply click into that individual from the relationships tab. Under their profile you’ll see “Edit [pronouns]” for that character.

Clicking on this gives you the option to change their name, appearance, and attributes as you would like. Appearance features you can change include eyes, skin color, brows, facial hair, hairstyle, and changing their glasses.

For attributes, you can toggle their various characteristics up or down, such as generosity, happiness, health, looks, smarts, and more.

How to Customize Your Life With God Mode

New Life BitLife
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To customize the character whose life you’re controlling, you’ll need to start a new life, as many of the cusotmization features are available only at the start of a new custom life in the game.

When you do this, you’ll be able to pick certain qualities for your character instead of having them be randomly assigned. Choices you’ll have at the start of a new life with God Mode include appearance and royalty status. You will still not be able to choose how they were conceived, who their siblings are, or your birthdate.

If you’ve been playing BitLife and wished you could alter the aspects of people in your main character’s universe, God Mode might well be a worthwhile investment to give you more control over how people look and behave in your story.