BitLife: How to become a Real Estate Agent

Become the best Real Estate Agent in your city.

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There are several career choices you can make for your character while playing BitLife. You can have them become a doctor, an investor, a start-up business owner, or even a famous athlete. If you enjoy playing the market, there’s also the chance to become a Real Estate Agent.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent can be tough, and it’s a challenging career that requires you to do a lot of things for yourself at the start. You need to buy good properties, fix them, upgrade them, and take care of your tenants. It’s a lot of hard work, but it can pay off with fantastic profits. This guide covers how to become a Real Estate Agent in BitLife.

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How to get the Real Estate Agent job in BitLife

It’s important to note that every player in BitLife can become a Real Estate Agent. This career path is exclusive to those purchasing the Landlord expansion, an expansion pack you can buy in the BitLife story for $4.99.

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After you purchase the Real Estate Agent career, there’s a chance the Real Estate Agent role can appear in the Jobs category. You may need to refresh this page a few times before it appears. To avoid aging your character, we recommend shutting down the BitLife application and reactivating it to see if the job shows up.

When it does, your character will become a Real Estate Adjust, where they can adjust their hours as they see fit, work with clients on their houses, and make massive improvements to these properties. This career only requires a High School education. You will not need to attend College or any other type of higher education to qualify for this role.

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We recommend regularly checking on your tenants for any homes you rent out while working as a Real Estate Agent. It’s a good way to have a positive relationship with them, making it easier to work with them if they have any problems with a home.