BitLife: How to complete the Massive Gains Challenge

Run the real estate market in BitLife.

The weekly challenge for BitLife has arrived, and this week, it’s called the Massive Gains Challenge. For this challenge, all players will need to gain control of the real estate market, and marry into a single character life.

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Like many of the challenges in BitLife, there are a handful of challenges you’ll need to complete in a timely fashion. Once the challenge timer is over, it’s locked away in the vault, and you’ll need to have Superstar Mode to access it. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Massive Gains Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete all Massive Gains Challenge tasks in BitLife

You will need to complete five tasks while playing on a single character life. It is important to note that this challenge requires you to have access to the Real Estate expansion. These are the tasks you need to complete for the Massive Gains Challenge.

  • Be born a female in Kansas
  • Become a real estate agent
  • Marry a real estate agent
  • Upgrade 5+ run-down properties
  • Seell 3+ fully upgraded futuristic homes

The first task is for your character to be born a female, and to make sure they’re born in Kansas. You can do this by having the city they’re born Kansas City. This is the easiest and quickest way to do it.

Next, your character needs to become a Real Estate Agent. This is only possible by purchasing the real estate expansion pack from the BitLife story. From there, you can purchase any property and have tenants rent it out to tenants, becoming a real estate agent as you acquire more properties, and rent them off. The Real Estate Agent job can appear in the occupation tab, and you only need a High School education to get it.

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You will then need to marry another real estate agent. This is much tougher because your partner needs to also be in this career, and they will be a co-worker. This might take some time to track down someone who has a positive relationship with you, and accepts your advances at work.

The final two tasks work alongside each other. You’ll want to steadily upgrade properties as you purchase them, giving them improvements whenever possible. You will need to fully upgrade at least three homes and sell them to other NPCs, giving them full access to the locations.

After completing all five tasks, you’ll have finished the Massive Gains challenge in BitLife. You can now receive one of four random appearance items for your BitLife account.

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