Blair Witch: How to Leave the Abandoned Camp


Things are going to get strange in Blair Witch as the forest slowly turns against Ellis and Bullet as they make their way searching for the missing kid. They’re going to stumble through numerous run-ins with the supernatural. While in the forest, Ellis discovers an abandoned camp that he passes out in the middle of and wakes up in, during the dead of night. To get out of the camp, you need to follow a set sequence of events.

How to Leave the Abandoned Camp

Grab the Cam Recorder

Before you fell unconscious and woke up in the dead of night, you’re going to find yourself attempting to gather up your senses. The reason you fell unconscious was that you were having a hallucination when you were viewing the cam recorder. When you wake up, you need to find it again. When you find it, you’ll need to watch the tape and watch the short video

Does the surrounding look familiar? It should; because the footage got taken from the campsite, you fell at a few short minutes ago.

Review the Tape, Stop at The Right Time

At this point in the game, you’re learning a brand new mechanic to Blair Witch. You’re going to encounter numerous pieces of footage and have to review them from your cam recorder while you’re playing. When you’re watching the footage, you need to play it long enough until the police car the kid in the video is holding starts making sounds. When it makes sounds, stop the recording. Doing so summons one a short distance away, at the location the kid was playing with it at the campsite.

Approach the loud police car, and you should continue to forward in Blair Witch.