Borderlands 3 – Bad Reception Mission Guide

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Bad Reception is mostly designed to get you to explore the Droughts, but it’s worth doing early in the game because every bit of experience helps. Claptrap will ask you to track down some new antenna for him, and he wants some options to choose from.

Borderlands 3 – Bad Reception Mission guide.

Wire Hanger

Following the marker for the Wire Hangar will bring to a metal plate on the ground. To get through it, walk up the slope to the plank the overhangs, then just off and crouch to do a power slam and breakthrough it. Drop down, and you will find the Wire Hangar.

The Spork

Follow the waypoint to a cave with a lot of electricity on the ground. In the back, you will see a small target. Shoot it to turn off the electricity, then grab the spork.

The Antenna

The Antenna is an easy one to get. Just go the waypoint, climb the tower, and smash the radar, then grab the Antenna from the wreckage.

The Umbrella

This is the toughest one to get. Follow the waypoint to a small shack with a door that keeps closing. Inside the door is a turret, and behind the turret is a Badass Tink. Take out the turret to give yourself some space, then run slide under the door (just crouch while running) to slide underneath it. Take out the Tink quickly, because he is pretty strong and you don’t want to be stuck fighting him for too long.

The Tinfoil Hat

This is a little tricky, but not difficult. There is a Psycho with a problem because people keep beaming thoughts into his head. He wants you to break three radars. One is on the roof of the shack beside him. From there you can see the next small radar just ahead of the huge radar. The third is the tricky one, it is to the right, on a small outcrop of rock.

After that, go back and kill the Psycho and take his hat. Go back to Claptrap with all the antenna, and you will pick which one he wears, ending the mission.