Borderlands 3: The Best Team Compositions

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With four characters and four player slots, the answer to what the best team compositions is should be easy. One of each character, right? Simple as pie. It was pretty much the case in previous games (well, the first Borderlands did often benefit from having an extra Siren or Soldier instead of Brick, but close enough).

However, Borderlands 3 has a much more open-ended character-building paradigm, with each character bringing something to the table as a support, damage, or tank archetype, or some hybrid between those roles.

That means that rather than merely saying you should have one of each character, you should instead likely have one of each role, and then extra damage focused character to round things out.

Borderlands 3: The Best Team Compositions

This means maybe you run Moze with a heavy specialization in Shield of Retribution to draw enemy fire and protect her allies, while Zane provides healing via his Barrier gadget, and Amara blitzes enemies with close-range ground pounds and shotguns while Fl4k provides overwatch from afar with a sniper rifle.

In short, you want a significant difference in roles, not characters. A team of four Mozes conceivably works great, with two specced into Bottomless Mags, another Demolition Woman, and the fourth Shield of Retribution. This is a team with two high damagers, a great crowd control specialist, and a tank that provides regenerating shields and damage mitigation.

It is true though that some characters gravitate more toward certain roles. Here’s a quick breakdown of that:

Zane: Excels at the damage and support roles via having access to large raw damage boosters (primarily via the Hitman and Doubled Agent trees), while also being able to provide valuable team boosts and healing via the Barrier gadget and Under Cover skill tree. He is not the greatest tank, as his damage mitigation is mostly personal aside the Barrier, which can be used by the whole team.

Moze: Excels at the damage and tanking (literally). Demolition Woman and especially Bottomless Mags provide huge damage; AoE for the former and single target for the latter, while Shield of Retribution provides great damage mitigation for both herself and the team if they user Iron Bear as mobile cover. Moze isn’t as great as support due to a lack of party-wide buffs or healing.

Amara: Amara is excellent at damage and support roles. Mystical Assault is a keystone tree for both roles, with the majority spec being Brawl for damage and Fist of the Elements for support. Assault/Elements provides a lot of crowd control damage over time while buffing allies’ speed and providing damage mitigation in the form of shields and locking down groups of enemies. Assault/Brawl instead plays into a highly mobile playstyle focused around close-ranged combat.

Fl4k: Fl4k is great at all roles, though primarily excels as a damage dealer. Fl4k’s utility across his various skill trees encourages him to pick broadly across the different trees, with all three increasing damage and health regeneration to an extent. Stalker provides party-wide health regeneration (augmented by both other trees’ abilities), while Master makes Fl4k himself a bit tankier. Stalker and Hunter are both excellent at boosting damage in a variety of fashions. Combined with the utility of simply having an extra body on the field at all times, Fl4k is excellent in all team compositions.

Putting things together, a likely common and optimal team composition will consist of support or damage focused Zane, with a tank or damage focused Moze, support or damage focused Amara (the opposite of what the Zane chose), and damage focused Fl4k with the All My BFF’s talent unlocked.

This provides good damage from all parties, with two to three primary and one to two secondary damage dealers, sometimes a tank (the least important role), and plenty of support abilities scattered across the team.