All Bloody Harvest 2020 challenges and rewards in Borderlands 3

There are new rewards available for Bloody Harvest 2020.

The Borderlands 3 Halloween event returns, and Bloody Harvest 2020 is back with a new variety of rewards for Vault Hunters to don on their favorite characters. While the challenges remain the same as last year, you stand to earn brand new cosmetics for your characters, all with an eerie, spooky theme.

All Bloody Harvest 2020 challenges and rewards

There are 15 challenges. These challenges will only be around for the event, which starts on October 8 and ends on November 5. You have a little less than a month.

Here are all 15 challenges:

  • An Eye for Quality Hecktoplasm: Kill 20 Loot Ghosts
  • Chaotic Good Cleric: Kill 300 Ghosts in Mayhem Mode
  • Charon’s Toll: Collect 30 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot
  • Easy as Pumpkin Pie: Solve the Pumpkin Puzzle
  • El Compeon Fantasmal: Kill Haunted El Dragón Jr
  • Exorcist: Kill 50 Haunted Badasses
  • Friends Don’t Die: Kill a Haunted Demoskaggon
  • Heckraiser: Loot a Bloody Harvest Legendary
  • I am Rakkman!: Kill a Haunted Rakkman
  • Lawful Good Cleric: Kill 150 Ghosts
  • My Boss has been Ghosting Me All Week: Kill Captain Haunt 15 times
  • Nate’s Hostile: Kill haunted Borman Nates
  • Pumpkin Spiced: Equip three pieces of bloody Harvest loot at the same time
  • Reap What You Sow, Bro: Kill Captain Haunt with a Bloody Harvest weapon
  • Snowball’s Chance in Heck: Kill 50 Haunted enemies with Cryo Damage in Heck’s Hole

To complete all of the challenges, you’re going to need to beat the main game at least once. Players are not going to be able to access Mayhem Mode for the Chaotic Good Cleric challenge.

However, everyone can access the Bloody Harvest content during the game, so long as they have access to Sanctuary III. These challenges are also available for you to complete in the various DLC released since Bloody Harvest originally ran last year, so feel free to explore those new locations to hunt down ghosts.

Here are the four cosmetic rewards you can earn by completing all 15 challenges.

  • Complete four challenges to earn “A Shrinking Feeling” weapon trinket.
  • Complete eight challenges to earn “Message from Beyond” ECHO Device skin.
  • Complete 12 challenges to earn “Haunted Look” shared Vault Hunter Skin.
  • Complete all 15 challenges to earn “Porphyophobia” weapon skin.

You have until November 5 to complete all of the challenges.