Borderlands 3 – Bloody Harvest Challenges and Rewards

Borderlands 3‘s newest and first content drop, Bloody Harvest, is out right now. You can jump into your game and start exploring the new area by starting the latest challenges tied to it. Not only are players going to have plenty to do with the festive Halloween content, but there are several challenges available for everyone to complete before the event ends. Here’s what we know about the challenges and the rewards associated with them.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest: Challenges and Rewards

There are 15 challenges. These challenges are only going to be around with the event, and it is a timed piece of content. It starts on Oct. 24 and goes until Dec. 5. You have a little over a month and some change to complete all of these, which is entirely doable.

Here are all 15:

  • An Eye for Quality Hecktoplasm: Kill 20 Loot Ghosts
  • Chaotic Good Cleric: Kill 500 Ghosts in Mayhem Mode (which is available when you finish the main game)
  • Charon’s Toll: Collect 50 pieces of Bloody Harvest loot
  • Easy as Pumpkin Pie: Solve the Pumpkin Puzzle
  • El Compeon Fantasmal: Kill Haunted El Dragon Jr
  • Exorcist: Kill 150 Haunted Badasses
  • Friends Don’t Die: Kill a Haunted Demoskaggon
  • Heckraiser: Loot a Bloody Harvest Legendary
  • I am Rakkman!: Kill a Haunted Rakkman
  • Lawful Good Cleric: Kill 250 Ghosts
  • My Boss has been Ghosting Me All Week: Kill Captain Haunt 25 times
  • Nate’s Hostile: Kill haunted Borman Nates
  • Pumpkin Spiced: Equip three pieces of bloody Harvest loot at the same time
  • Reap What You Sow, Bro: Kill Captain Haunt with a Bloody Harvest weapon
  • Snowball’s Chance in Heck: Kill 100 Haunted enemies with Cryo Damage in Heck’s Hole

To complete all of the challenges, you’re going to need to beat the main game at least once. Players are not going to be able to access Mayhem Mode until this happens, which is in the second challenge, Chaotic Good Cleric.

However, everyone can access the Bloody Harvest content at any time during the game, following the initial section on Pandora. All players need to have access to Sanctuary III. When this happens, feel free to rush after the Bloody Harvest and have a good time Ghostbustin’ the galaxy.

The rewards you’re going to receive for this event include an array of cosmetics that are going to change your Vault Hunter’s appearance, currency, and weapons. Here’s what the Vault Hunters look like in their exclusive cosmetics for the event.

Borderlands 3 Skin

For those interested, we have a guide regarding one of the initial portions of the Bloody Harvest on how to search for a ghost in the galaxy. First, you need to speak to Maurice on your ship, and then you’ll have the chance to complete this task.

Good luck on your journey into the unknown, Vault Hunters. Go out and enjoy the Bloody Harvest.