Borderlands 3 Dinklebot Destiny Easter Egg Guide

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Borderlands 3 is packed with more references and Easter Eggs than any game since — well, probably since Borderlands 2. Its style of humor may be divisive, but if it’s your thing, you’ll appreciate how many sources Borderlands 3 pulls its references from. Of course, video games (like Half-Life) and other recent pop culture (like Game of Thrones) get the most shout-outs. While the Borderlands 3 Game of Thrones Easter Egg doesn’t call out Tyrion specifically, Peter Dinklage does get name-dropped elsewhere in the game, about his Destiny character, affectionately nicknamed Dinklebot.

When Destiny first launched in 2014, the player character’s Ghost was voiced by none other than Peter Dinklage. Some fans felt that he didn’t quite have his heart in the role as much as his more famous character in Game of Thrones, Tyrion, based on some of the criticism that he got. Some of his most memorable lines were immortalized as memes, and when Destiny’s big Year 2 update came out, his lines were re-recorded by Nolan North, a move that only cemented Dinklebot’s reputation.

How to Find the Borderlands 3 Dinklebot Destiny Easter Egg

Borderlands 3’s Destiny Easter Egg revolves around a rare enemy called Dinklebot. This enemy will spawn in the Skywell-27 area on Promethea, but unfortunately, it’s a random occurrence. Technically, the area it shows up is an asteroid, but it looks enough like the moon (where wizards come from). The only real preparation you can do is get far enough through the story mission Space-Laser Tag to reach Skywell-27 to have any chance of seeing it. Once you’re at that point, you can find Dinklebot near the entrance to the station in the northeast corner of the map. Make sure to stop by there as often as possible to increase your chances of getting this rare spawn.

There is one way to force Dinklebot to spawn in Borderlands 3, but unfortunately, it also has a random chance to show up. Once you get far enough into the game, the side quest Kill Dinklebot has a chance to show up on the Sanctuary bounty board. The recommended level for the quest is 17, so it should start to show up around then. If this quest shows up for you, it’ll point you directly to where Dinklebot hangs out.

Whether you find Dinklebot on your own or through the side quest, it’ll appear as a floating robot kind of like Ghost. Just like Destiny’s Ghosts, it also has the power to revive its teammates — in this case, other flying robots trying to zap you. Despite that, Dinklebot isn’t too tough to take down. Once you destroy it, you’ll receive a unique item: a Legendary Loot-O-Gram. Bring it to Crazy Earl on Sanctuary, and you’ll receive a Common ordinary weapon. For old-school Destiny players who were around for the game’s legendarily bad drop rates on high-quality items at launch, this last detail is the real punchline.