Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut – release date, launch time, and more

Not long to wait.


Image via 2K

Borderlands 3 has been quite the success for Gearbox. The Borderlands fans certainly are passionate, so a Director’s Cut DLC is on the way as part of the game’s second Season Pass.

The new DLC is scheduled to release on April 8 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. People who have already purchased the previous season pass will need to pony up the dough to get their hands on this new content, as it is part of a new season pass.

While the release date is known, the exact launch time is not currently available. In the past, Borderlands 3 DLC have tend to launch somewhere between 13:00 and 15:00 CT, so that should be a reasonable window to expect the DLC to arrive.

Director’s Cut DLC Contents

  • Arms Race mode, where everyone starts fresh and must gear up and get out with the best loot or die trying
  • Bowl a bloody path through opposition with Amara’s Enlightened Force skill tree
  • Render enemies helpless with FL4K’s Trapper skill tree
  • Be the proudest mech mommy with Moze’s Bear Mother skill tree
  • Eliminate targets with lethal precision using Zane’s The Professional skill tree
  • Expand your cosmetics collection with a new Vault Hunter Skin, weapon trinket, and ECHO Device skins

Season Pass 2 Contents

  • Designer’s Cut content add-on, featuring brand new ‘Arms Race’ mode and an additional skill tree for each Vault Hunter
  • Director’s Cut content add-on, featuring a new raid boss, interplanetary murder mystery missions, three Vault Cards, and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes content
  • All four Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Packs
  • All four Multiverse Disciples of the Vault Cosmetic Packs