Borderlands 3 – How To Get The Dr Disrespect Sniper Rifle Easter Egg

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It makes sense that there would be references to some Twitch and Youtube personalities in Borderlands 3. The game’s antagonists are live streamers, and we all know how vital the influencer market is in modern gaming. As such, Gearbox put about Dr Disrespect in Borderlands 3, and you can get your hands on a might fine Sniper Rifle called the Two Time.

How To Get The Dr. Disrespect Sniper Rifle

You’ll be able to start this quest when you can get back to the Devil’s Razor area on Pandora. This is the area you first arrive at when you start the game, so you won’t be able to get back there until quite late into the game.

In the bottom left of the map, you will find a character called Edgren, who is rocking out with a slightly suspicious haircut/sunglasses combo. He will give you a mission called “Echonet Neutrality”. Once you finished the mission, you will be given a Sniper Rifle called The Two Time, a reference to assorted memes and phrases from the good Doctor’s Twitch channel.

It’s a Hyperion Sniper Rifle, and it will scale to the level you are when you complete the mission, so there is no need to rush to it. If you want to cart the reference to Dr Disrespect with you through the endgame, it is best to wait as long as you can before heading out to get this mission.

While the stats will vary, the weapon is highly effective against shields and will have a chance to return rounds that impact shields back to the magazine.