How to Solve the Pumpkin Puzzle in Borderlands 3 Blood Harvest Event

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest event is live. With new spooky puzzles and Halloween themed challenges, the event proves to be a scary delight. Completing the different tasks rewards players with the usual Borderlands fair: weapons, cosmetics, and more. But we’re just excited to play some chilling Halloween content.

Borderlands 3’s “Easy as Pumpkin Pie” is a sweet jack-o-lantern themed puzzle. This task encourages keen-eyed players to work out a puzzle between two different rooms. The rooms aren’t far, but working with friends would make this faster and reduce leg work.

How to solve the Pumpkin Puzzle:

There are a couple of YouTubers that have already uploaded some videos on the topic. This video by VanillaPuma shows the entire process in a courteous, concise manner.

“Easy as Pumpkin Pie” takes place on the Heck Hole map, a new one designed for the event. In the video, As you go through the map gradually, you will come across a temple area that has a stairway with a back room. In the room, four skulls are hanging along the right wall. Each skull glows a different color: red, yellow, green, and blue.

In the room before it, there are four jack-o-lanterns set at approximately eye-level, depending on your character. The jack-o-lanterns will each have their color, and you need to pull the skulls in the background with the same color of the pumpkins from left to right as you enter the room.

After you pull the first skull, the colors of the jack-o-lanterns will change. Look at the second one to determine the color and pull the corresponding skull. Rinse and repeat, and the puzzle will be complete.

It’s easy to complete this puzzle on your own, but with multiple players, leaving one person in the pumpkin room to call out colors and another to pull the skulls will speed the process along.

Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest event runs until Dec. 5, giving players plenty of opportunities to complete these various tricks to get their treats.