Borderlands 3 – How To Get The Half Life Easter Egg Rocket Launcher


Everyone loves Easter Eggs, and most gamers seem to be very fond of Half-Life. As such, a Half-Life Easter Egg in Borderlands 3 should be music to your ears. If you want to join in the fun and pay homage to a certain Mr. Freeman, then this guide will tell you how.

Borderlands 3 – How To Get The Half-Life Easter Egg Rocket Launcher

Once you arrive on Eden-6, you will be tasked with a mission to free Hammerlock from the prison. You’ll need to fight your way in with Brick, then meet up with Tina (formerly, Tiny Tina) who will want you to collect some parts for a bomb. Fight your way to each waypoint and collect the bomb pieces, then head back to Tina with them.

She will make the bomb, and you’ll be off again to find the doors to the high-security section of the prison. Fight across the bridge and place the bomb, then you are free to enter the jail.

It is here that you will meet the Warden. This guy has a load of armor, so make sure to bring a good weapon to strip it away. Once you do, he will change form into a more melee-focused boss, but you can cut through his health bar pretty easily. In the first stage, watch out for those huge missile salvos that he fires, and in the second don’t let him punch you. Once he dies, you might get lucky and see that Half-Life Easter Egg Legendary falls out of his bloat corpse.

If not, you’ll need to farm the fight until you finally get it. It’s a fun Rocket Launcher, as the missiles will track to the cursor, and it hits pretty hard as well.