Borderlands 3 – Hazardous Sellout Legendary Pistol Location – Should You Kill Yourself Or Destroy The Cameras?

Borderlands 3

Are you willing to die for good loot in Borderlands 3? If so, I have good news for you. You can get your hands on the Hazardous Sellout Legendary Pistol, all you need to do is bend the knee a little bit.

How To Get The Hazardous Sellout Legendary Pistol

To get your hands on this pistol, you need to make your way through the story until you get to Eden-6. Continue to play the campaign missions until you complete “The Family Jewel.” This quest opens up an area of the map known as Ambermire and gives you the chance to earn this weapon.

The good news is you get the pistol with a story mission, so all you need to do is continue playing the campaign until you get to this area when your rivals Tyreen and Troy reach out to ask you to liven up their live streaming efforts. They offer you a side quest called Sell Out, where they want you to kill yourself in a specially made death machine they built. Doing so helps out their view counts.

You can choose to do it, or you can destroy their cameras. Destroying the cameras might feel good, but it won’t get you anything in return, while the two villains promise you a new weapon if you are willing to get in the death machine.

Just hop in and press the button and you will die, respawning at the nearest New You. The good news is that your rivals keep their word, and send you the Hazardous Sellout. There is no other way to get this weapon that we know of, so if you want it, you will need to play their social media game.