Borderlands 3: Heckle and Hyde Easter Egg


Not every reference in Borderlands 3 happens through a quest or you running around to find this one, obscure poster hidden in the middle of a wave of enemies. Some of them are hanging around in the world, ready for you to discover. There’s an easter egg you’re going to find later in Borderlands 3 that doesn’t force you to overthink, but it’s a fun little nod, regardless.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Borderlands 3

You’re going to find these two close mid-way point of the game. You’re going to find the contract connected to this reference in Jakob’s Estate, on Eden-6. Luckily, you’re going to see a direct path to this reference as they’re apart of Zer0’s Wanted List. You’re looking for the name “Target of Opportunity,” on Eden-6. You need to eliminate Heckle and Hyde.

They’re in a cave, pinched away in the smaller section of the map, to the west of the Crimson Radio tower. When you get there, you’re going to find a few minions to kill, which shouldn’t take you long. When you get inside the cave, Heckle is going to leap down from the rocky formations. It’s going to be a weird-looking, with a massive horn on the front of its face. Take care of it and clear the area. When you damage it to a certain point, its arms are going to grow, and you’re going to watch Heckle become Hyde. To get the full view of the reference, make sure not to kill the creature outright. You want to give it time to transform before doing so. It doesn’t mess up the quest, but you’re going to get the full enjoyment of the easter egg this way.

Not only are going to check off an easter egg for your private endeavors, but you’re also going to eliminate a target for Zer0, which he always appreciates. When you wrap up in the area, make sure to check your mail to get your gun reward from Zer0’s quest. You’re also going to receive some experience points and money for going out of your way.