Does Borderlands 3 Have Local Co-op Play?


Sitting on the couch with your best friends, running through Borderlands 3 is what everyone is looking forward to doing. Running through the game is fun, but it’s way more fun when you hear your friend screaming about a new weapon they found or are encountering a fierce enemy. Plus, those who engage in multiplayer are going to feel much more of a difficulty spike. While online 4-player Co-op in Borderlands 3 is a given, can you play the game in local Co-Op?

Does Borderlands 3 Have Local Co-Op Play?

Those eager to jump onto their favorite Borderlands 3 character with their friend are in for a treat. Yes, there is going to be local Co-Op and split-screen for the Borderlands 3 release. Up to two players are going to be able to traverse the new landscape together, fighting waves of enemies as they complete a quest, on the search for the ultimate loot.

However, this service is only available for the console version of the games. Those who are playing on PC are not going to be able to have any local Co-Op. If you were hoping to use a single computer to play the game, you’re out of luck. You can sync up with other players who also have the game on the Epic Games Store, though, and you can have four-players when you include online Co-Op.

You don’t want to host a massive Borderlands 3 LAN party unless you bring multiplay consoles for everyone to use. Hopefully, all of your friends grab the game so you can hop in together to engage in the online cooperative play, bringing four-players together to run through the game. Regardless, having at least two players to play the Borderlands 3 who are in the same room is going to be a lot of fun. You can probably bring in additional people to the LAN party from online to make up a full group of four. But if you don’t have access to the internet, you’re restricted.