Borderlands 3 – Lost Loot Explained


Borderlands 3 is all about the guns, and it’s always painful to have to leave one on the ground. Or sometimes you might even miss a great weapon as you look through the pile of loot that just fell from a boss. Luckily, Borderlands 3 has a handy system in place to help you out with that.

Borderlands 3 – Lost Loot Explained

Lost Loot

As soon as you reach Sanctuary, you will start to explore the ship. At the very end of it, close to the Fast Travel point, your room, and the Golden Chest, you will find the Lost Loot machine.

The Lost Loot machine will magically gather up items that you have missed or had to leave on the ground. You can visit the machine each time you arrive at Sanctuary to see what it has gathered up. Just interact with it, and it will spit all your items out onto the ground. From there, you can decide if they are worth keeping, or if you would like to sell the. The capacity is not that high at only five items, but this can be upgraded if you buy some of the relevant upgrades from Marcus. Just head down to his shop and pick up the upgrades to expand how many items it can hold.

The system does not seem to prioritize rarities or anything like that; it will merely grab up whatever it can from what you have left behind and teleport them to the ship for you.

You don’t want to rely on it grabbing the good stuff for you, so make sure you are always trying to sort out your loot and bring the best stuff with you.