Borderlands 3: Microtransactions Guide


Microtransactions are headed to Borderlands 3, as they were with previous games.

The mayhem is in full swing in the third Borderlands installment. With new weapons, vehicles, characters, and ECHO-3 skins, there are a lot of potential cosmetics to collect. Worry not, completionists; you’re able to collect them all, even if it might mean paying for it out of pocket.

Borderlands 3: Microtransactions Guide

Microtransactions have a negative connotation, but in the pure sense of the word, the Borderlands franchise had them since the start. Looking back at previous Borderlands games, various content packs are available for a small cost. All of them are just cosmetic items, like beautiful skin, head, hair, whatever for a specific character. Although there have been some DLC characters, that’s not quite what we’re talking about.

Looking at Borderlands 2 on Steam, for example, extra items, like Siren’s cosmetic pack, can be purchased. It will likely work the same way, with additional items added to your account once you purchase them from the Steam or Epic Store. Return to the game and activate the appearance modification area to find the option added to your game already. Borderlands 3 will likely function the same way. There are an additional Network and Social option in the menu that may come into play for microtransactions.

For now, there’s nothing to buy yet. The game is just too new to tease us with content that wasn’t part of a purchased pack. There are some cool points based items already, but those aren’t quite what we’re talking about.

As for what you can buy, expect things like:

  • Vehicle skins
  • Weapon Skins
  • Weapon Trinkets
  • Character Heads
  • Character Skins
  • ECHO-3 Skins

And probably more.

Buying them will be entirely optional. It will not impact the gameplay at all and is purely for aesthetics. There won’t be any super-powerful guns you can only get with real money.