Borderlands 3: Moze’s Best builds

Borderlands 3

Moze is an interesting character build-wise. Of all the characters she’s probably the most capable of just picking a tree and taking every talent in it until endgame. There are essentially two ways to build Moze, but two variants of each build to choose, which is also a neat paradigm. Let’s start with the gun focused builds before moving on to the Iron Bear focused ones.

Borderlands 3: Moze’s Best builds

Bottomless Mags

Bottomless Mags is, without a doubt, Moze’s strongest tree. It’s nuts the kind of sustained damage this tree can output. The build here is pretty simple: slam everything you have into maxing out as much of this tree as possible.

Pretty much every talent is good except for Dakka Bear and maybe Stoke the Embers. If you take the latter, consider splashing a bit of Shield of Retribution (the red tree) for Selfless Vengeance and more fire damage.

The playstyle is as simple as the build: keep moving, keep shooting, and never let up. You can unleash a lot of sustained fire and get scaling bonuses while moving, and can even sprint while shooting!

Just pretend you’re a particularly aggressive Call of Duty or Battlefield character.

Explosions Galore

As you might expect, Demolition Woman plays heavily into this build. This is the on-foot focused build, with key talents based around increasing explosion damage. In this case, you ignore a lot of the talents that increase your Iron Bear uptime. So you take Fire in the Skag Den but ignore the other two talents on that tier, and you don’t bother with Stainless Steel Bear. What you do take is Auto Bear because apart from taking a lot of Demolition Woman talents, you want to splash Bottomless Mags mainly so you can go deep enough to get Some For the Road.

That lets you hop into Iron Bear and then hop out to go on a rocket or grenade launcher shooting frenzy with your favorite rapid-firing explosive weapon. I’m partial to COV rocket launchers with the exploding sawblades and the sticky rocket Torgue guns myself.

Playstyle is pretty simple: you want stuff that goes boom. Huge explosion radius, great crowd control, at the cost of less raw DPS than the Bottomless Mags build. Great at mopping up trash but not the worst against single targets either with a proper high damage single target explosive weapon.

Let’s take a quick look at Iron Bear focused builds next:

Iron Fist-bear

This build is not necessarily focused around the Bear Fist action skill, but the title was too good to pass up. You can use any of the action skills you want, but the Rail Gun native to this tree is pretty solid in both arms as well, particularly with Shock damage on one and Fire on the other.

Your focus is not so much on damage but survival. You take talents like Security Bear, Thin Red Line, Full Can of Whoop-ass, and Phalanx Doctrine to be pretty much invincible to the majority of enemies, though you need to watch out for Shock damage while on foot.

Over in Demolition Woman, you take the primary talents of Grizzled, Deadlines, Stainless Steel Bear, and Auto Bear to up your active time with Iron Bear.

You have some decent on foot damage potential with some strict activation restrictions, primarily you need to be low on health and have recently lost and regained your whole shield. This is best achieved with low capacity, high recharge shields, and using Force Feedback if you’re confident in your aim.

You can use any weapons you want but are likely best off with shotguns and sniper rifles.

Your main goal is to hop in and out of Iron Bear to provide mobile cover for allies and deal solid Railgun or Bear Fist damage and disruption, aiming to take out shields first for your allies to finish off. This is a tank/support build, not so much a damage dealer. That’s more the job of the last build:

Nuke City

Back to Demolition Woman, you’re focusing on the talents we ignored last time.

You’re going deep in on Demolition Woman, maxing out almost every talent in the tree. You will likely want to dip into Bottomless Mags for five ranks in Cloud of Lead, then Redistribution, and then Shield of Retribution for Security Bear and five ranks in Armored Infantry. If those talents don’t interest you, max out Fire in the Skag Den, Grizzled, and Vampyr instead (which I left at two ranks apiece).

Your main focus is on getting into Iron bear, equipping missiles in both arms, and exploding everything in sight. Potentially, taking a few points out of talents like Grizzled and Vampyr to go deeper into Bottomless Mags for Specialist Bear to maximize your missile damage is good, but in my experience, it makes you more of a one-trick pony, which is usually not a great idea.

Pretty much all of your options here are good, but Nukes are the most fun. Barrages of smaller missiles are also great too though.

It doesn’t do as much damage as a full Bottomless Mags build but does excellent AoE and DoT with nukes.

These are pretty much your primary option for Moze at the moment, until and unless the level cap increases.