Welcome to the Sanctuary III, your new hubworld in Borderlands 3


The Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal offered some fantastic footage of what to expect from the new game. One of the most significant new additions is the new central hub that players can join up at and perform all manner of cool activities with.

It’s called the Sanctuary III, and it’s a huge spaceship whose name is a nod to the city of the same name in Borderlands 2, which also acted as a hub for players.

First of all, you have your own player quarters that have placeholders on the wall. These allow you to leave weapons and items in your quarters to take and use as you see fit to help customise how you want to play out each mission. There’s also a machine just outside that will spit out any guns that were not looted during missions, meaning that if you run out of inventory space, you have the chance to pick it up back on the ship.


Marcus the gun-seller is on board with his shop and at the ready. Here you can purchase and upgrade your weapons using the cash that you have accumulated across the missions that you have been playing, while he also offers increases in inventory capacity, allowing you to pick up more loot.

You can also visit the Moxxi’s Bar, where you can interact with Moxxi herself and play the various slot machines and games similar to her bar in Borderlands 2.

Hammerlocks room is also accessible and includes a number of plaques on the wall that indicate that more trophies are up for grabs as the game goes on.

There are also other areas to explore where you can have some interesting character interactions, including at the Infirmary and even taking a sneak peek into Claptrap’s closet!


Finally, from the Sanctuary III for the first time, you can fly to and explore brand new worlds, completing missions and meeting new characters. The only new planet shown so far is Promethea, a metropolis looking landscape with a cyberpunky vibe to it but from what they have shown, the environments should present plenty of variety. There will be many more in the full game to discover.

The new hub for Borderlands 3 looks like a well-designed lobby for you and your friends to start your adventures. We can’t wait to explore it fully!