Borderlands 3: Who Is Lorelei?


A brand new Borderlands game will soon be upon us, and along with a whole host of new weapons, vehicles, planets, and Vault Hunters come a bunch of new NPC’s. There has been quite a few interesting reveals ahead of the game’s launch, but none has caught the imagination of the fans as much as Lorelei’s appearance. She’s Bloody. She’s A Bad A##. But just who is Lorelei?

Borderlands 3: Who Is Lorelei?

Borderlands 3 Lillith

She’s Based On A Lilith Update.

When they were trying to put together all the characters for Borderlands 3, the company decided to update some of the better-known ones to go along with the overall new, sparkly look of the game. This included everyone’s favorite siren, Lilith. She was given a complete overhaul and came out looking like a punk rock demon but as the game progressed they discovered that no matter how cool she looked, she didn’t fit the feeling they were going for so reverted to type. But what to do with a fully fleshed-out character they had just sitting around. Well, they could’ve binned her off but decided to go the other route and hey presto, Lorelei was born.

Ciarán Strange

She’s Voiced By Ciarán Strange

Ciarán Strange voices the British NPC with the gutter mouth. A proud member of the LGBTQ community, Strange is an actor, mental health advocate, author, artist, and musician and is the perfect choice for bringing Lorelei to life. If anyone can do this character justice, especially when it comes to the swearing aspect of her persona, then Ciarán Strange will knock it right out the park and, hopefully, piss off a ton of idiots in the process. Be sure to check out his Bordernoobs channel on Twitch; it’s a laugh riot.

Borderlands 3 Promethea

She Runs Promethea

You first meet this foul tongued She-Devil when you arrive on Promethea and from the get-go, it’s obvious who’s running the show. When you get to the Meridian Metroplex, she’s dropping swear-bombs on you as soon as you step through the door and then she’s telling you to get her some coffee before she kills someone. This leads to a side-mission where you do just that, and after you’ve killed your way to the local coffee shop and back, then she seems somewhat sated. Though I doubt very much if she’ll stay that way for long.

Borderlands Lorelei

You’re Going To Spend A Lot Of Time Together

From what little we know of this new character it’s safe to say that most of this are guesswork up to this point, but the one thing that we do know for sure is that you and Lorelei are going to be spending a lot of time together, killing things and completing quests. Gearbox and 2K have confirmed this, and it seems to mean that Lorelei is going to have a significant part to play in Borderlands 3. Whether that’s helping you take down as many bad guys as possible or just handing out missions doesn’t matter, all that does matter is that this punk rock badass with the mouth of a sailor could very well become your new best friend. Right up to the point where she inevitably betrays you. Oh come on, you know that’s going to happen.