Bullseye Balloons challenge guide – Genshin Impact

Stay on target.

Image via Gamepur

Bullseye Balloons is a mini event in Genshin Impact of the Windblume festival. Players can take part in it by visiting Lizzie beside the main wall at Mondstadt when they have completed the Ode to Flower and Cloud quest.

The Bullseye Balloons challenge involves shooting down different types of balloons to get the highest score possible. Different locations will become unlocked over the course of the event. Needless to say, you will want a bow user in your party when you load into the event.

  • Tower Waltz – Stormbearer Point – 1000/1800/2600 Points
  • Temple Spiral – Locked
  • Heart of the Lake – Locked
  • Lost in the Forest – Locked

Players can go to any of the unlocked challenges through the events tab in their menu. They all require different brackets of scores that will unlock different rewards.

During the Bullseye Balloons event, players will need to carefully shoot down balloons.

  • Bloom Balloon (green) – Rewards a small number of points.
  • Bouquet Balloon (orange) – Rewards a large number of points.
  • Celebration Balloon (orange stuff toy with a whole heart) – will explode and destroy all nearby balloons.
  • Heartbreak Balloon (red stuff toy with a broken heart on it) – will deduct points from your overall score

Hints and Tips for high scores

  • Don’t fall off the Tower in Tower Waltz. You can throw a challenge pretty easily if you fall.
  • Prioritize Bouquet Balloons, but only if you can see them. You earn more points shooting the green balloons you can see on the screen than search for orange ones you can’t.
  • Quick aimed shots are the way. The arrow will travel far enough to hit almost any balloon you can see, and you can fire far more often than aiming up charged shots.
  • Don’t use Ganyu’s charge shot. Her AoE charged shot is tempting, but you wasting time charging it, and you run the risk of hitting Heartbreak Balloons.
  • Combo multipliers are great, so make sure you are moving from the balloon you just shot to the closest viable target.