Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Akimbo Challenges – How to unlock Akimbo Pistols

Two guns is better than one.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

You can dual wield some weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare thanks to a recent update. If you want to embrace the ultimate levels of tacticool, you will need to finish some challenges first. 

At the moment, pistols are the only weapons that you can use Akimbo, giving you an increase in your firepower, but a reduction in your accuracy. It isn’t unlocked automatically, and you will need to finish up some simple challenges, one for each weapon.

For each weapon, you will need to get three kills in five different matches while using a different Perk. The matches don’t have to be sequential, so you can have a few failed rounds and not worry about it. You can find a list of the Perks you need to use with each weapon below.

  • X16 – Sleight of Hand perk
  • 1911 – Mo’Money perk
  • .357 – Recon perk 
  • M19 – Frangible-Wouding perk
  • .50 GS – FMJ perk

Once you have the Akimbo perk unlocked for a weapon by completing the above challenge, go to your Gunsmith, and the Akimbo option will be available to equip. Remember, Akimbo versions of a pistol will behave very differently to the standard version, so make sure you learn the impact on the weapon’s accuracy.

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