The best loadouts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Not Getting "Supply Drop Or Loot Box System"

With this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now beginning to settle into the gaming community, like all multiplayer games, a meta is starting to form. While balance, for the most part, is good and steady, there are some weapons and perks which are of a much higher benefit to players, or in combinations.

There are always going to be certain weapons that will do well in specific modes. For example, the time-to-kill is even lower in Harcode mode, where you have a limited HUD and health is lower/guns damage ramps up, so naturally, the high rate of fire weapons do very well.

However, it’s still fairly common to see loadouts that are popular in all modes because they fit in all categories. Here we hope to highlight some of those remarkably flexible, undeniably powerful, or just accessible and straightforward sets that work all round.

Here are some of the best loadouts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The best loadouts in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

1) The Enforcer

  • Primary: 725 Shotgun
  • Secondary: X16
  • Perk One: Double Time
  • Perk Two: Ghost
  • Perk Three: Spotter/High Alert
  • Grenades: Your choice

The ultimate ‘in your face’ loadout. It features by far one of the more powerful guns in the game right now with the 725. It is equally deadly at mid-range as it is up close, and a pistol that has a decent clip size, to compensate for the two-shot barrel of the shotty, that can finish off anyone that’s managed to survive your barrage of shells. It rewards those that enjoy moving around the map quickly and with as little attention as they receive.

Double Time gives you that boost to swiftly moving around the map, especially if you can pinpoint target to keep the Tactical Sprint up-time as high as possible. It’s one of the keys to unlocking the loadout’s full potential as you’ll want to cover as much ground as you can to stay in controlled environments where you know you’ll have the advantage (i.e., short-range corridors and small open spaces). Also, consider adding Dead Silence to your field upgrade to add to this further.

The Ghost is useful so that no-one can abruptly end your kill streak by waiting for you around corners. As the UAVs and Personal Radars are on the lower end of the Killstreak list, they come up frequently enough to make this perk essential. If you think that you can stay one step ahead of the UAV, feel free to switch this out for Hardline or Kill Chain. Overkill is just that for this loadout, and Restock is unnecessary.

With Claymores still being a hugely prominent part of the game, especially amongst the snipers and players with a tendency to camp, Spotter is the best way to avoid letting those players take your life cheaply while you maintain health. You can also use Battle Hardened, but your constant moving around the map also means it can help highlight dangers for teammates more often. High Alert also works well in case you need to swing your gun around quickly. If they are at a close enough proximity and they haven’t finished you off before you get a shot, the 725 should do the rest. It’s more useful the closer to enemy lines you’re willing to venture.

Just be aware that 725 might lead to some unsavory comments in the voice/text chat. It’s that good.

2) The Ranger

  • Primary: HDR Sniper Rifle/Kar98k with Scope
  • Secondary: P90
  • Perk One: Tracker
  • Perk Two: Overkill
  • Perk Three: Battle-Hardened/High Alert
  • Grenades: Claymore/Proximity Mine

The loadout of choice for those looking to play Sniper for the game, The Ranger loadout has you covered in almost all situations. The HDR is the best Sniper Rifle from the regular set of snipers, though if you feel confident in your accuracy, the Kar98k with a scope offers a little more maneuverability and trades some longer-range accuracy for mid-range capability.

When you’re faced with enemies breaching your spot, typically, a pistol is unlikely to cut the mustard. This is why the P90 is a fantastic option with the use of Overkill in the second perk slot. A great short-range option with 50 bullets in the chamber gives you a decent fighting chance. The claymore or proximity mine, which probably wouldn’t be as effective as the Claymore for damage but is more difficult for them to spot, can help to alert you to when you’re about to be flanked.

Tracker is pretty much only useful in this role, but it’s effective for it. In any mode that’s not S&D or Cyber Attack, most players will be moving a lot. Especially in areas with open spaces but also obstacles, Tracker helps time your shots. If a runner has just gone around cover but is heading through the other side, Tracker can keep tabs on them so you can take their head off at the right time. It also means that you can keep tabs on when respawning positions change so that you can be looking in the right place at the right time. If you feel you’re not getting much out of this, E.O.D will at least reduce lethal grenade damage.

Battle Hardened is excellent here to stop breacher. Flashes and stuns will hit you hard as a sniper, so any way to reduce that works wonders. However, if you’re on a big and open map, High Alert will keep your wits sharp to enemies from out of your vision looking to take you out before you, can get set up.

This isn’t for everyone as it relies on moving around less, but it works incredibly well to neutralize the threats that come with being a sniper in the game.

AK47 Stats, in-game screenshot

3) The All-Purpose Killer

  • Primary: AK47
  • Secondary: .50 GS
  • Perk One: Double Time/E.O.D.
  • Perk Two: Hardline/Kill Chain
  • Perk Three: Battle Hardened
  • Grenades: Your choice

The loadout that requires the highest amount of skill to master, but one that provides the biggest benefits if you can, utilizing you the game’s deadliest killstreaks with it. That’s because while both the AK47 and the “Desert Eagle” .50 GS have recoils that are difficult to control, they are both incredibly powerful guns. The AK was the hallmark for the series for a long time with good reason, and it continues it here. It even has very good iron sights, like with Call of Duty 4, so it allows for an extra attachment in its spot. If you’re struggling with the kickback on the AK, then the M4A1 is a decent replacement option. The Desert Eagle isn’t quite the powerhouse it was in the original, but it still packs a big punch, much more so than the Revolver.

Double Time or E.O.D. both work for this. Double Time allows you to keep moving to targets quickly, so you can keep the rhythm going when catching up to respawns, while E.O.D. adds an extra layer of protection in case a peak around a corner to target an enemy goes wrong. It also means that (so long as you’re at full health) you can survive a pesky claymore set by campers, stopping players from ending streaks cheaply.

Hardline and Kill Chain will depend on your confidence in your consistency. If you consistently access to the lethal killstreaks, Kill Chain should be your default option, but if you’re very hot and cold with lives, with hot streaks that can mean 10 kills before a death, Hardline is the better option. All of the others are less useful as the strengths of the class do not suit them (Ghost), or are unnecessary (no need for a secondary weapon and ARs are common enough that Restock isn’t required).

This loadout is designed to get the most of out the skill of the player and activate the best killstreaks. Staying alive, being patient and accurate with the big guns at your disposal and thinking smart will bring the best out of this kit.

We hope that you can kick some butt with these three powerful loadouts!