Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – What Can You Do about the Cutscenes Stuttering on PC?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has returned, and several fans are jumping back into the game to check out what Infinity Ward has for them this year. Overall, the soft reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise has mostly proven to be quite the success. For players who want to get used to the game before jumping into multiplayer, they rely on using the campaign or the Spec Ops mode to help them out. But right now, it’s a common issue for PC users to find that the cutscenes are stuttering, ruining the overall experience of the game. Here’s what we know about it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – What Can You Do about the Cutscenes Stuttering on PC?

If you’re on a console, chances are you haven’t run into this issue — no need to worry about it. Now, if you’re playing the title on a PC, that’s another matter entirely. For those running that platform, you might a handful of the cutscenes are stuttering for you, causing the character’s dialogue to not exactly line-up with what’s going on in the discussion. You might think the gorgeous graphics of the game are bringing it down, but luckily, there’s a different issue in play here.

According to Infinity Ward, this is a known issue, and some background disk usage causes it. There’s no sure-fire way players can go about fixing it themselves. Unfortunately, it’s all up to the developers. They need to go in, find the issue, correct it, and then patch it in to ensure their player base no longer has to deal with it when they’re playing. It’d make the more emotional, epic cutscenes that are going on in the game far more meaningful, too.

Infinity Ward is on the case, though. They posted about the known issue in this Reddit thread and have assured their fans they are working on it. They posted they knew about the problem on Oct. 25, so we can likely expect a hotfix to come in for it sometime early next week. When it goes through, it should wrap up the issue. Or make something else work. That’s how development work goes, unfortunately.

Regardless, we hope you’re enjoying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right now. Here’s what we thought about it in our review, and we’ve thoroughly been enjoying many aspects of the game.