Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Daily Challenges Are Not Working and What You Can Do


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a profoundly dedicated group of fans who love the series’ multiplayer aspect. A lot is going on with plenty of elements about it, appealing to those who enjoy intense action and plenty of quick movements. However, when something goes wrong with this mode, those players take notice of it pretty quickly. Right now, many of them are seeing that the game’s multiplayer daily challenges are not working. Here’s what we know about that issue.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Daily Challenges Not Working and What You Can Do

The daily challenges are a way players can hop into the game during any day of the week and find a clean way to earn some experience points. These challenges usually are pretty quick, ensuring players who can only jump in for an hour or two get a decent chunk out of their levels. At this time, whenever players attempt to try one of these in the multiplayer mode, it doesn’t seem to count on the counter. The challenge bar remains frozen on zero, with no progress ever getting made.

Thankfully, there’s a bug fix. Because many fans of Call of Duty were having issues with this problem, they took to Reddit to share about it to see if anyone had a solution. Given so many people were encountering this issue, they discovered a workaround in this thread. They learned to see the progress meter go up at all; they needed to restart their game and then jump back into it to see it had gone up by any amount.

This solution is not something that’s going to remain permanent. There’s likely a legitimate developer fix, so players do not have to continually jump in and out of their Modern Warfare application to see this meter going up. But until then, if players are not interested in counting out manually how many more times they need to run work on a daily challenge, restarting is the best solution.

Hopefully, we hear something soon from the Infinity Ward team about getting this patched. For the time being, we haven’t seen any differences yet.

We hope you’re having a good time playing through the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. Here’s what we thought about the game in a formal review, and we plenty of guides detailing achievements in the game.