Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How To Perform Execution Finishing Moves


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has introduced a fun new mechanic. You can now get execution finishing kills on enemies in PvP. If you want to punish an annoying camper, you have a new weapon in your arsenal. It’s a one-shot kill with an added animation, so there is some risk involved if you want to feel the thrill of reward.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How To Perform Execution Finishing Moves

To perform a finishing move, you must first get behind your target. Getting behind them is pretty easy a lot of the time because campers have a habit of getting trapped looking down their sites. They also fail to pay attention to audio cues, as they spend too much of their time anticipating the next sweat kill.

So, sneak up behind someone, and then you need to hold the melee attack button. Pressing it will just result in a swipe of your knife or a smash of your gun. If you keep the melee attack button-down, you will begin the finishing move.

Because you need to hold for a short amount of time, the enemy might get wise to your position, and turn on you. If this happens, you’ll need to spam your melee attack to put them down before they can kill you. When the animation begins, it’s a done deal, and your opponent is going to meet a gruesome end.

You can also use some sneaky tactics, like hitting an enemy with a flashbang, stepping in behind them, and performing the finishing move. The result is the same, but your opposition has no choice but to admit they got outplayed.