Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Complete Missions in Multiplayer Challenges


The Call of Duty franchise is back with a new entry in the series, Modern Warfare. It serves a fresh reboot for the franchise, taking the story back to around a bit with a stronger focus on Captain John Price. Beyond the story, there game’s multiplayer love is in full swing, with plenty of players jumping back into the fray. A new feature of multiplayer is missions. These missions are going to unlock special guns for players to use, granted they can finish the objectives for each challenge. Here’s what you need to do to work through the missions.

How to Complete Missions in Multiplayer Challenges in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

You’re going to find these missions in the multiplayer section of the main game. Click on the icon when you first load in, and you should drop into the game’s multiplayer section. You have the option to jump immediately into a game, but you want to make sure your hard work in a match gets recognized by the missions. They do not naturally happen as the daily challenges do.

To find the list of challenges, you need to go to the “Barracks” option on the menu. Click on it, and you should see the Multiplayer Challenges section is the first option. Click on it, and you should get taken to list where you can view your daily challenges and your missions. Click on missions, and you see several named missions available for you with pretty icons next to them. These are of the final pieces of loot you’re going to earn for completing them from start to finish.

Active a New Mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Multiplayer

Choose the mission you want to complete from the list and click on it. Now, if you’d like to change missions, you can click on any of them and go for it. However, you need to know you can only have one active at a time. You cannot do multiple ones at once. When you click on a mission you’re not working on, and you already have one active, you’re going to see the above message pop up. It’s asking if you’d like to confirm your choice because you will continue to progress with your first one. You’re going to switch missions, and only earn progress on your new selection, if you meet the requirements.

The requirements are on the middle-lower portion of your screen. Each mission comes with eight objectives players need to complete. After finishing an objective, players are going to earn the rewards displayed on the lower right part of the screen. Every completed objective comes with 1,000 XP, so it’s a great way to level if you’re looking to jump through the ranks quickly.

There are plenty of missions available for players to complete in the multiplayer portion of the game with a lot of rewards. Get on those missions and jump into the fray to get started!