CoD Modern Warfare: Release Dates and Timezone Schedule


On Oct. 25, players are going to get the chance to jump into the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise in Modern Warfare, a brand new version of the game. No, it’s not a remaster or a new edition. It features a brand new story with everyone’s favorite Call of Duty character, Captain Price. It’s going to have an exciting new story mode, with plenty of things for players to check out in the multiplayer portion of the title. For those eager to jump in, here are the time windows for when you can launch it and start playing.

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When Does CoD: Modern Warfare Release?

For those expecting to get the chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare earlier than everyone else, you’re in for a little bit of sour luck. At this time, we know for sure the game is going to release on Oct. 24 at 9 pm EST and 6 pm PST. It’s going to come out on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Blizzard launcher, Check out which time it unlocks in your timezone, below.

Call of Duty: Release Schedule by Time Zone

Because there’s no better way to help get players in immediately, the best thing everything should do is start pre-loading Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as quickly as they can. Those who have the game pre-ordered for digital release to their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can preload the game right now. It’s a hefty download, too. At first, many players thought they were going to have to download up to 175GB for the game, but this later got changed to say all of the content for the game was going to add up to it. Not the first part of it. Regardless, it’s a large download.

PC players do not have access to the pre-load, at this time. They’re going to gain access to it on Tuesday. When that happens, everyone playing on their mouse and keyboard can hop over to their application and start the process. Hopefully, it won’t take as long.

With the times available for everyone to see, it’s only a few more days until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare returns to the limelight. Players are going to reunite with Captain Price and join him in a new adventure, with plenty of multiplayer action to jump in on when they’re done. There are no loot crates for the game this time around, but there’s a seasonal battle pass full of free and premium content.

You can pre-order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare here. The game releases worldwide on Oct. 25 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through Blizzard’s