Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Spec Ops Co-op Mode Guide


In a few days, players will have the chance to jump into one of the most intricate Call of Duty experiences yet with Modern Warfare. A revitalization of the series that put the developers of Infinity Ward on the map, this effort features an all-new single-player campaign, along with the traditional multiplayer.

For those that want to work together, though, there’s also Spec Ops. This mode puts a team together to join up and complete objectives. The PlayStation 4 also has the benefit of an exclusive mode called Survival.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of what Spec Ops has in store for players when it drops this Friday.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Spec Ops Co-Op Mode Guide

Get a Good Group Together

Spec Ops was in other Call of Duty games, but it makes a “better than ever” return in Modern Warfare. It comes with more accessibility, more challenges, and more fun for you and your squadmates.

The main focus is working with your team, which can consist of up to four people, as you take on adversaries and eventually open up more of the game to explore. It’s a mode that’ll keep you coming back for more — if you can live that long, of course.

The big focus here is on Operations. In this mode, players will tackle several activities surrounding the city of Verdansk. The Al-Qatala army is dominating the city every step of the way, and it’s up to you and your squad to systematically take them out.

That means working closely with your team on tactics. Sometimes the silent approach is the way to go, though others may prefer an all-out assault, provided they have the firepower to go with it. Also, there are vehicles on hand, including a tank, a helicopter, and an ATV. Each one brings something that will change the game a bit, with your team adjusting to what they can do.

For instance, the tank can provide useful cover for other teammates, as well as some serious firepower. The helicopter allows you and your fellow soldiers to fly in guns a-blazing, though you could be an easy target in the sky. The ATV provides a speed advantage, but you lose the benefit of armor.

Keep in mind that any progress you make in Multiplayer carries over to Operations, including all the unlocked Operators, Loadouts, and Progress. So you can continue building upon what you’ve earned so far, and take it back to multiplayer when you finish.

The game will launch with four Operations missions, with more to come for free in the months ahead.

Call of Duty Spec Ops Modern Warfare

Missions and Survival Mode

For those of you that don’t necessarily have a four-player squad for Operations, there are also Missions. With these, you can go solo or with friends and clean house on specific tasks involving weapons, killstreaks, and more. You can play these over and over again to improve your score and earn up to three stars per mission.

Then you’ve got Survival Mode. This mode puts you to the test, where you and your team need to fight to stay alive. This mode is the PlayStation 4 exclusive mode we previously discussed, and it’s a doozy. In it, you’ll choose from one of three available multiplayer maps and take on many enemies, Horde Mode style, until they’re all killed. Then, when you think you can rest, things get even tougher. Stronger enemies are going to show up, and more conditions are going to change throughout the map.

It’s a fun mode based on what we’ve seen thus far, but you need to get prepared for it. These enemies won’t go down smoothly, and you’ll have to be on the same page with your team if you don’t want to lose focus. Maybe wait on this mode until you’ve had some experience with your squadmates in the previous modes.

Whichever way you start, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brings the co-op experience full circle. Chances are you’re going to play for hours on end, to prove you’ve got the best, most bad-ass squad on the planet. Or…do you?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on Oct. 25 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.