Call of Duty: Warzone & MW2 Season 6 – Is The Battle Pass Worth It?

Call of Duty Season 6 Battle Pass review: Is it worth your money? Explore the skins, weapon blueprints, and operator upgrades that define this season’s pass.

Spawn (Al Simmons) is one of Call of Duty's most interesting crossovers yet.

Image via Activision.

Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 is finally here. It marks the end of the MW2 era, but not before we get to experience the treacherous trickery of The Haunting. Halloween was Call of Duty’s big focus this time around, and while the actual holiday event will kick off on October 17, this season’s Battle Pass sets the tone significantly.

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn headlines the rewards, with many of his notorious foes following in close behind him. A niche Image Comics character may seem like a strange choice to follow acts like Ghostface, Frank The Rabbit, and Billy (SAW), but there’s a pleasant synergy with the upcoming in-game events that make it an enticing choice after all.

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Call of Duty Season 6 Battle Pass Breakdown — What’s Included?

Burned Spawn is coming to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 in The Haunting.
Image via Activision.

First, I’m a big comic book fan in general. These kinds of nerdy crossovers definitely get me more excited than the average consumer, but I’ll try to keep that bias away as we go down the list of rewards. We’ll start with the regular version of the pass, and then look at all of the BlackCell offerings.

Upfront, let me say the designers popped off on the basic paid track. I think a few skins could have been left on the cutting room floor, but there’s so much to love here. Nikto Spawn is one of those redundant skins, but beyond that, I can’t recall a Battle Pass that has ever carried this many cool toys to play with.

The craftsmanship that went into Spawn, Soul Crusher, Violator, and Disruptor is magnificent. Their base versions look fantastic, and they retain the spirit of the original characters better than the BlackCell alternatives, even if they’re not as extravagant. You could take Disruptor and Soul Crusher out of the context of Spawn, and they’d still fit right in as potential Spec Ops or DMZ villains. Total homerun designs there.

Gaia is Mother Earth's vengeance in Modern Warfare 2.
Image via Activision.

The lone original skin in this collection is Gaia — an arboreal nightmare creature who would scare your shoes off in a bayou. Her aesthetic is between Marvel’s Groot, DC’s Swamp Thing, and a Dungeons and Dragons Twig Blight. If you’ve ever fought a Spriggan in Elder Scrolls, imagine how differently the fight would have gone if it had a gun. That’s what we’re dealing with here, and it’s incredible.

If you’re unsure about the skins, the Weapon Blueprints make the normal track worth it. There are 20+ of them available in this version of the track, and while some of them are silly, we still have some gorgeous guns on offer.

FJX Imperium Skin in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

Back From Hell, Unchained, Necro, and Necroplasm are just a tiny sample of what I think is an excellent crop of wonderfully thematic designs that will add to the ominous vibe of The Haunting. Collecting the souls of your enemies with that striking green-and-black FJX Imperium is guaranteed to hit the spot during Soul Capture.

I know that Calling Cards, Emblems, and all the miscellaneous cosmetics are typically an afterthought for most people, but all the Spawn-themed items add a nice touch to the collection. I particularly like the Spawn Watching Calling Card and the Violator weapon charm.They’re not game-changing but nicely compound that 1100 COD Point value.

Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 BlackCell Breakdown

Valeria was already popular but this BlackCell skin, V4L3RIA will only skyrocket her popularity.
Image via Activision.

I’m not enthused about the existence of the BlackCell in general. Call of Duty’s blend of yearly releases and live-service microtransactions means the bill already runs high yearly. Charging an additional $30.00 indeed doesn’t help that problem, especially if the upgraded skins aren’t exceptional – and there have been a few that have bored me to sleep in the past.

This one doesn’t have the same problem. You’re getting your money’s worth, plain and simple this season. The ‘make everything gold’ approach could have been a disaster, but it plays nicely with the more understated tones associated with many of these characters.

Spawn and Disruptor are the most striking, and their respective upgrades are charming overall. Nothing gets revolutionized by this design, but it’s pretty enough to make Nikto Spawn a little more interesting, at least. It’s also worth noting that Gaia gets even scarier. Not for nothing, the BlackCell Blueprints are a true cut above an already exciting pool as well.

V4L3RIA is going to be a smash hit with the fans in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.
Screenshot by Gamepur.

I suspect the big money-maker here will be V4L3RIA and her Tactical Pet: MEGABYTE. Valeria is already a popular Operator, and this revamp is sleek and stylish, and you get the added fun of a robo-pup that assists you with those sneaky executions.

This is also paired with a beautiful ISO 9MM Blueprint that’s pro-tuned for Recoil and Sound Suppression, making the new addition a more attractive option until the community nails down the right Tunings to make it hum.

Is the Call of Duty Season 6 Battle Pass Worth It?

There's a small army of new skins coming to Modern Warfare 2 in the Halloween-themed update.
Image via Activision.

Season 06 The Haunting is a shining success of a Battle Pass and will send the Modern Warfare 2 era off with far more prestige than it arrived. My inner nerd is absolutely obsessed with the BlackCell Spawn skin, and as much as I detest the idea of giving over more money than I already have, I know I can’t resist the temptation this time.

Your mileage may vary, but if you see a Golden Disruptor charging headfirst into the B bombsite on Mercado Las Almas Search & Destroy, I hope you’ll know I’m not sorry for not checking my corners. The other team deserves to get a look at my sweet gear, even if it’s by shooting my body at the end of the round.