Can Kelvin or Virginia talk in Sons of the Forest?

Communication is key to survival.

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While the survival horror title Sons of the Forest offers a great multiplayer experience with friends, with a lobby that supports up to eight players, even if you’re flying… er, crashing solo, you won’t have to be alone. In addition to the hordes of hungry cannibals looking to make your life a living hell, you’ll also be accompanied by two NPCs; Kelvin and Virginia, who are, thankfully, not looking at you for their next meal. You will befriend Kelvin right at the start of the game and, once you earn the trust of Virginia, she will join you, too. Read on to learn how you’ll be able to communicate with Kelvin and Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

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Can Kelvin talk in Sons of the Forest

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In Sons of the Forest, Kelvin is a soldier who accompanies you on your mission to recover the missing billionaire. After your helicopter crashes on the island, while both you and Kelvin survive, he is left with brain damage that has affected his ability to communicate. Kelvin is both deaf and mute, and can communicate with you only by writing on the notepad. This makes him an extremely helpful companion as you both try to survive amidst the island’s hostile cannibal population.

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Can Virginia talk in Sons of the Forest

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Virginia is a companion you’ll meet later in your adventure in Sons of the Forest. She is a three-legged, three-armed mutant who may be what remains of Virginia Puffton, the daughter of the missing billionaire. While she is initially extremely averse to your efforts to make contact, you can eventually befriend Virginia and she too will accompany you on your adventure. Like Kelvin, she does not speak, but instead communicates using a version of sign language and dance-like movements.

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