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How to change Virginia’s clothes in Sons of the Forest

Mutant-friendly clothing is a thing on this island.

Sons of the Forest is a direct sequel to the popular survival horror title, The Forest. To improve upon the original, Endnight Games added AI sidekicks who can be recruited to help you survive the horrors of this isolated wilderness. Aside from the beginning human companion, Kelvin, there is also a mysterious three-legged, three-armed mutant named Virginia. Players will randomly stumble upon her in the game and eventually befriend her if they are patient and friendly. Her default outfit does not seem very comfortable for the harsh weather changes of the island, so it might be smart to learn how to change her clothing.

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Giving Virginia new clothes to wear in Sons of the Forest

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To change Virginia’s clothes, you need to find an outfit that she can wear while you scavenge the island. One such option is the camo fatigues found in a Kayak on the Northwest beach of the island.

Once you have a set of clothing for her, hold down the E button while near her. Your character will open up their inventory on the left side of the screen and show a list of options that you can equip onto her. Q and R will navigate between the different pages, and clicking on the item will give it to her. Once you give her an outfit, she will put it on.

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You can also use this method to equip Virginia with firearms. She is unique in the fact that she can equip a pistol in her third arm and still hold a shotgun in her main two appendages.

Unlocking the ability to change Virginia’s clothes in Sons of the Forest

In order to be able to interact with Virginia, you need to befriend her first. This is done over time by just not being hostile towards her. Do not approach her with a weapon, and let her come to you as she gets comfortable.

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  • Virginia will not attack you, but is very skittish at first and will run away if you approach her, especially with a weapon out.
  • During the process of befriending Virginia, you will notice that she will start to interact with you and get more acquainted to being around your camp. She will often bring gifts, and can even dance for you.
  • Eventually, she starts to follow you on her own and this is when she becomes interactable with the E backpack icon.
  • You can give Virginia clothes and weapons, and even put a GPS tracker on her so you know her location.
  • Virginia will warn you when hostiles are nearby, but it might take some time before she’s entirely confident in a fight.

This is all you need to know to get Virginia a fancy new outfit to wear while she helps shoot up cannibals. Your other companion, Kelvin, can also be given some new clothes to wear as well, though he isn’t as useful in a fight.

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