Can you catch a shiny Chinchou in Pokémon Go?

Is it possible to find one?

Image via Niantic

There are multiple Pokémon for you to capture all over Pokémon Go. The more times you encounter a Pokémon, the more candy and XP you earn for catching them. Every so often, you have the opportunity to catch a shiny Pokémon. The chances of a shiny Pokémon appearing typically increase during an event, giving everyone participating in it a limited-time opportunity to add a shiny Pokémon to their collection. Can you catch a shiny Chinchou in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that if you encounter a Chinchou in the wild, there’s a chance it could be a shiny version when you attempt to capture it. Chinchou has been in Pokémon Go since February 2017, and the shin version was only released in April 202, during the Liverpool Safari Zone event.

If you’re looking to try and capture a shiny Chinchou during its Spotlight Hour on November 9, unfortunately, the chances do not increase during this event. But you will see multiple Chinchou appearing in the wild, giving you more opportunities to find a shiny one, maybe. There’s no guarantee to do this, though, so you’re better off trying to catch every Chinchou you can, especially during the Spotlight Hour. Chinchou evolves into Lanturn, a decent Great League Pokémon if you’re looking to compete against other players in PvP combat.