Can you catch a shiny Heatmor in Pokémon Go?

Can you catch one?

Image via Niantic

The allure for some players of Pokémon Go is to capture the shiny versions of every Pokémon, which is challenging to do. They’re tough to encounter, or they might not be available yet. When it comes to Heatmor, this is a region-locked Pokémon. It only appears in Europe, Asia, and Australia. The only way to encounter it is to visit these locations. It does appear in other areas of the world during specific times for events, such as the Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2 event, where Heatmor will appear worldwide. Can you catch a shiny Heatmor in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that Heatmor’s shiny version is in Pokémon Go, and there’s a chance you might encounter a shiny version whenever you find it. For players who are in North America, South America, and Africa, your chances of finding a shiny Heatmor in your region are incredibly slim, outside of special events. You’d have to convince another trainer who has returned from Europe, Asia, or Australia to trade a shiny one with you, which will cost you a large pile of Stardust.

If you want to increase your chances of a Heatmor appearing in the wild, you might want to place down an incense on your avatar or visit a specific Pokéstop to give it a lure. Pokémon in the area are drawn to these items, but you want to make sure a Heatmor spawns there in the first place. If it doesn’t, your chances are low of it showing while one of these items is active.

Heatmor’s shiny version will not be removed from the game at any time unless Niantic says the shiny version is unavailable, but we can’t think of a reason why they’d disable it.