Can you catch a shiny Marill in Pokémon Go? – Spotlight Hour May 2021

Does Marill have a sparkle?

Image via NIantic

On May 25, a new Spotlight Hour event will be arriving in Pokémon Go. Marill, a Water-type Pokémon, will have its time to shine. The Spotlight Hour event will be happening from 6 PM to 7 PM in your local time zone, which means Marill will be available to capture in nearly every spawn point during this event. You can use this opportunity to see if you can capture one with the perfect set of IVs or use it to maximize your progress with more Marill XL candy. Alternatively, players could be on the hunt for Marill’s shiny version. Yes, Marill does have a shiny version, and it is available for this event, but it won’t receive a boost.

The Spotlight Hour event makes it easier to encounter many Marill throughout your area. However, it does not boost the chance of encountering a shiny version. The odds remain the same of there being a one in 500 chance of it happening. You’ll need to encounter a good number of Marill for the chance to happen, but it is possible. The Spotlight Hour gives you a better chance of finding a Marill, but it does not increase the odds of a shiny appearing.

We wish all players the best luck when attempting to encounter a shiny Marill during the Spotlight Event on May 25. You only have a full hour to take advantage of the event, but you can make the most of it. Alongside Marill spawning everyone, there will be an increased Stardust bonus for every Pokémon you capture, which is great if you’re running low for other Pokémon.