Can you catch a shiny Murkrow in Pokémon Go?

What are your chances?

Image via Niantic

There are several Pokémon you can find in Pokémon Go. Some of them might appear in their shiny form. However, you need quite a bit of luck on your side to have this happen potentially. What helps is also making sure that the Pokémon has a shiny form available in the game. Not every Pokémon’s shiny form is available. If you’re looking to catch a shiny Murkrow, what are the chances of it happening, and is it in the game?

We can confirm that the shiny version of Murkrow is in Pokémon Go. It has been in the game since 2018, so there’s a reasonably good chance you may have already encountered the shiny form of this Pokémon. It has a unique form where, rather than having darker feathers, it has a bright pink form, directly contrasting its original appearance.

There’s a good chance you might be able to encounter it during its Spotlight Hour on October 26, but the event does not increase the chances of a shiny form appearing. Instead, more Murkrow spawn to increase your chances of encountering the Pokémon. The more Pokémon you encounter, the more opportunities you receive of potentially finding its shiny version in the wild. The Spotlight Hour will be from 6 to 7 PM in your local time, but shiny Murkrow will always be available in Pokémon Go.