Can you catch a shiny Regigigas in Pokémon Go? – June 17, 2021

A chance for the shiny Regigigas.

Image via Pokémon Go’s Twitter

Regigigas is returning to Pokémon Go for a limited time starting on June 17 at 10 AM in your local area. This Pokémon is a legendary Normal-type that has only briefly appeared in the game during limited runs in EX Raids, which were much more exclusive than the traditional five-star raids that show up at gyms. With Regigigas making its return, it has been confirmed this Pokémon’s shiny version will be available.

You have a one in 20 chance of encountering Regigigas’ shiny version whenever you battle and defeat it in one of these raids. These are much better odds than the normal Pokémon you find in the wild. Almost all raid and legendary Pokémon have a higher chance of being a shiny version because of the limited attempts players have of battling a Pokémon in a raid.

Because of the strength of this Pokémon, we’re going to recommend you take a few friends with you when you battle against it. Depending on your level in the game, you’ll have a harder time against Regigigas if you’re closer to level 30 and will probably need at least five to seven friends who are roughly the same. Alternatively, at a higher level, closer to 40, and if you’re using XL Pokémon, you can get away with fewer friends.

We’ve broken the best way to defeat Regigigas, its weaknesses, and the best Pokémon to use against it. Make sure to check that out, and if you don’t succeed capturing Regigigas the first time, you can always attempt it again using another raid pass.