Can you catch a shiny Tornadus (Therian) in Pokémon Go?

There’s no special glitters for this Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

Starting on March 30 during the Season of Legends in Pokémon Go, players will have the opportunity to encounter Therian Forme Tornadus in five-star raids. It will be a tough fight, and it is a unique legendary Pokémon, different from Tornadus’ Incarnate form, which earlier in March. This will be Tornadus (Therian)’s debut in Pokémon Go, and like all Pokémon that will make its debut in the game, it will not have a shiny version available for players when it launches. Developers regularly do this to include the addition of a Pokémon’s shiny version during a future event.

Tornadus (Therian) will be different from Tornadus (Incarnate). These two Pokémon share different stats from one another, they have unique movesets, and Tornadus (Therian)’s stat changes make it a poor Pokémon to use in the Master League.

Even though you cannot catch the shiny version of Tornadus (Therian) in Pokémon Go, you can take a quick look at it if you’ve already captured the shiny version of Tornadus (Incarnate) in your Pokédex. Similar to Thundurus (Therian), players will be able to see what the shiny version of Tornadus (Therian) looks like after catching it for the first time and having captured a shiny Tornadus (Incarnate). You have to look at the Pokémon in the Pokédex entry to see what the shiny version looks like.

We don’t know when the shiny version of Tornadus (Therian) will release. The Incarnate forms of Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus came out in 2020, and it took a little over a year for them to receive their shiny versions during the start of the Season of Legends. It could take another year for the Therian forms, making it around 2022.

If you’re looking to capture Tornadus (Therian), you can catch it in five-star raids or receive it from Pokémon Go Battle League rewards.