Can you change your class in Disciples: Liberation?

Is your class choice permanent?

Image via Kalypso Media

After completing two of the starting regions in Disciples: Liberation and starting on the third one, you’ll have the chance to pick your starting class. You can select from the Warlord, Hexblade, Seeress, or the Witch. After making that choice, additional skill points will become available for you, allowing you to construct a more defined main character. But can you change your class in Disciples: Liberation, or is this choice permanent?

We can confirm you do have the option to change your class in Disciples: Liberation. The choice is not hidden from you, but it’s not clear where you can do this. Whenever you want to change your class to try something new, you’ll need to return to Yllian and interact with your castle. Then, you have to click on the option to Reassign Skills and make the 1,000 gold payment. After that, all of your skill points are returned to you to assign as you please, and you have the chance to pick between the four classes all over again.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You do need to return Yllian every time you want to do this. Luckily, the cost to reassign your skills and change your class does not change, so if you ever feel like a particular class does not fit your team or your playstyle, you can always modify it and change up all of your skill points at the same time.