Can you customize your character in Far Cry 6?

Your character is defined by their weapons and gear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Character customization in Far Cry 6 is mostly done by customizing weapons and other gear. Aside from choosing your character’s gender at the start of the game, you can’t directly customize their appearance or attributes. However, the appearance and attributes of your gear and weapons can be customized extensively, and this allows you to build a character that suits your own personal play style.

To customize your character, go to the Arsenal tab on the pause screen, and select your prefered weapons or gear. You have weapon slots for your Supremo, for three primary weapons, and for your sidearm. These slots correspond to the slots on the weapon wheel accessible during gameplay.

Selecting your five weapons is only the start of customizing your character’s loadout. By visiting one of the many workbenches dotted around Yara, you can craft a huge range of mods for your weapons. Primary weapons can be fitted with ammo mods, muzzle mods, optical mods, while your sidearm can just take ammo and muzzle mods.

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Your Supremo is even more customizable. You can fit it with a variety of gadget mods, which are basically different kinds of ammo, and three special slots named Supremo Socket, Supremo Charger Socket, and Artillery Supremacy, all of which make an already crazy weapon into an even crazier one.

And for those who want their weapons to make a strong fashion statement on the battlefield, the appearance of every weapon can be customized to match (or, if you prefer, clash with) your character’s outfit.

Speaking of which, the remaining slots on the Arsenal tab correspond to Head Gear, Chest Gear, Leg Gear, Foot Gear, and Wrist Gear, all of which grant your character different passive buffs, and allow you to radically alter their appearance. If you want to benefit from the bonuses of a particular piece of gear, but don’t like the way it looks, you can change its appearance to that of any other unlocked item of the same type.