Can you pet the Iki Island monkeys in Ghost of Tsushima?

Only if you help them first.


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When Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion was announced, the first question that everyone asked was when it would be available. The second question was whether you could pet the monkeys or not. This article explains how you can find and pet almost every monkey on Iki Island.

Can you pet the Iki Island monkeys?

You certainly can pet the monkeys on Iki Island. While not every monkey will allow you to pet it, there are quite a few who will. However, you’re going to have to work for the privilege of petting such cute creatures. Not only will you have to save them from the Mongols, but you’ll have to prove that you’re not a threat either.

How to pet the monkeys on Iki Island

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The monkeys you can pet on Iki Island are all from Monkey Sanctuaries. These are dotted around Iki Island and form a new collectible for you to find. At each location, you’ll come across a cage holding monkeys and a group of Mongols guarding it. So first, you need to kill the Mongols and open the cage to free the monkeys. Then, you need to sit down and play them a song on your flute.

The flute minigame is easy enough. It requires you to angle your controller up and down to make Jin play the right notes. As long as you do well, the monkeys will feel more peaceful around you because they don’t see you as a threat. It’s only after completing the flute tune that you can actually pet the monkeys.